Would you like to help another Fibromainac?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by beachwalkerbill, Oct 27, 2006.

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    November 1st I will need a few people (maybe 10) to help with a special Medical Pain And Symptom Tracker I have developed. If you are interested in a very easy medical diary FREE!!
    Check my profile for info. I was wondering if anybody would be interested in such a thing.
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    Hi Bill, I wouldn't mind doing something like this, but.....we are not allowed to give personal e-mails out on this board. Sorry I hate to be the one to spoil your party, but I don't want you to get kicked off this board. Hugs, Tam
  3. beachwalkerbill

    beachwalkerbill New Member

    I removed all the info.
    System rules are usually made for a reason
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    I know many of us have wanted to exchange personal e-mail, but this is such a good support board that we try hard to abide. I think you can exchange e-mails in chat, but I have never been there. Check the rules before you take my word for it tho, I am pretty foggy nowadays.

    Welcome to the board! Hugs, Tam
  5. victoria

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    you can do what Prickles did... email prohealth/tech support and ask if you can offer it up for a test. They gave her permission, altho it did take a while I believe...

  6. beachwalkerbill

    beachwalkerbill New Member

    Thanks for the info Victoria. I would be very interested in what Prickels did.
    Here is the basics of my study. Unfortunatly the charts and report will not show up . I'll try to cut and paste it to make some sence.

    Phase One Study: A trial of volunteers (n=min10 max15) to use the program for one month. Each volunteer will receive as much guidance as necessary, by email, to facilitate proper use of the program. At the end the month, each volunteer will be asked to file a report. Questionnaire will address the volunteers’ compliance in using the program. The acceptance of there physician(s) to use the data provided by the programs report and if the physician would like to continue receiving a similar report at each appointment. Finally does the volunteer feel they have gained a better knowledge of there illness? Of course any suggestions for improvement from both patient and physician will be immensely valuable.
    Volunteers’ are required to have daily access to a computer. Microsoft Excel which is in the Microsoft Office program and access to a color printer is required..
    The volunteer should have an illness with at least four active symptoms.

    P.A.S.T. a medical Pain And Symptom Tracking program

    The purpose of this tracking program is to score the complexity of pain, not the pain intensity. Pain intensity is purely subjective. Scoring of pain intensity will inform a clinician how much and what type pain medication to provide. A very good study on the benefits of a medical diary is “The clinical importance in changes of chronic pain intensity using the 11 point numerical pain rating scale” In this study the authors prove the benefits of keeping a pain diary although stating in the introduction” However because of the subjective nature of pain, clinical importance is not always easy to determine. Patients interpret measurement scales very differently when reporting pain”

    Such a chart would be daily scoring pain intensity on an 11 point scale. The common question we have all responded to is “On a scale of 1 to 10 with zero being no pain and ten being the worst pain you have ever had. How bad does it hurt?”
    The problem here is, we could all can agree that a score of 0 would equal no pain. After that all bets are off .Because any score is purely subjective based on that particular person’s history and current emotional state. For example, to some a score of 10 would mean the pain of a broken arm and to others the pain of child birth would be a score of 10. While others would believe a score of 10 to be the pain of napalm burning thru 50% of there flesh. As you can see this is a subjective game of perception. Not to mention, how can you score the pain of depression, brain fog, or even “heart break” for that matter? We all can admit that these symptoms could have a profound impact on our life and health yet they do not present with common definition of real pain.

    In the PAST medical diary program all primary symptom data collection based on Guttman Scaling

    A “symptom complexity chart” will score the limitations imposed by a symptom intensity, subjectively scoring the limitation level in a 5 point scale from 0 to 4.

    PAST scoring of pain complexity
    0 Symptom free
    1 Is this symptom forcing you to change or adapt to accomplish normal activities?
    2 Is this symptom preventing you from exercising or engaging in activities you normally perform?
    3 If you were to remain at level will this symptom force you change your career, where you live or the ability to maintain relationships?
    4 At this level is this symptom incapacitating? Are you able to take care of your self?
    • These scores are used to describe the impact that one particular symptom has on one particular day. Not an overview or history of a symptoms impact on your life. Simply one score, on one symptom, on one day.

    This scale allows you to compare the impact of any one symptom to another. Not only that, you can add symptoms together to show the effect of multiple symptoms.(PAST index) After collecting enough data you can actually see if symptoms interact with each other or if a combination of symptoms actually produces a completely different symptom.
    The PAST report is designed to provide the clinician with multiple symptom history and the ability to plot symptom vs. symptom or symptom vs. treatment. It will log appointments with all your physicians, all medications prescribed and dosage. Other trackables can be added weight, blood pressure, PRN medication usage or combined daily 1 to 10 pain intensity.

    The “PAST Index” chart is automatically generated with an accurate overview of the entire concert of a patient’s illness, while simultaneously charting each individual symptom separately. You then have the ability to accurately view participation of each individual performing symptom in the symphony of pain. On the day of your doctor appointment PAST allows you to print report with the accuracy of clinical study.

    Missing chart

    This is a PAST Index chart tracking 7 different symptoms over 53 days.

    A physician can only treat what he or she perceives to be the problem. Every patient strives to provide this information to the clinician; after all it is in our best interest to explain each symptom accurately. We have all come in to appointments with notes and list, even bags full of prescription bottles. We will even bring witnesses to corroborate our testimony and to make sure we are understood.
    • How accurate do you believe that method can possibly be?
    • How accurate has that method been for you?
    • Do you feel that your doctors have perceived your situation correctly in the past?
    • Are you willing to invest the time to fill in the blanks on a spread sheet about our medications, doctors and symptoms?
    • Are you then willing religiously go to your computer every day and spend 4 minutes asking yourself those 4 questions comprising the Guttman scale and entering the score in the appropriate box?

    That is the fundamentals. The analytical information producible from this diary is endless. As a purely scientific industrial laboratory researcher with a complex illness, I produced this program for myself. My intention was to simple provide my physicians with the objective reproducible scientific of data required to state a conclusion. Basic scientific method.

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