would you say it is definately FIBRO?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kirsty28, Jan 7, 2006.

  1. kirsty28

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    I have been told i have it , try to accept it, try to live life as best i can but i sometimes feel i am misdiagnosed.

    in a nutshell,
    four years ago got constant neck ache that moved from side to side etc..had tests and scans all okay...told poss fms.no tender points tho
    then about a year of feeling this everyday almost it went to my pelvis for about 6 mths, same pain, hard to describe but really horrible, since then headache for months and months and now lower back ache.BUT i can move fine...i could run down the road if someone shouted"fire"...i do not have the tender points on the chart but when a place is sore when i rub it it can sting??
    i am nearly 31 now and have badgered my doctor to get to the bottom of why i have pain, she says because a rhumy said fms it must be...
    Also i have tried lotsa painkillers and now do not take anything as they don not touch it, i have to wait till it gets less severe, sometimes days sometimes weeks..i do have better days but when its there sooooo horrible ..
    when i am asleep feel no pain, and if i drink alchohol can releive till it wears off.
    i do not think i get the fog, sometimes have stomach pains... the pain in general seem to hurt one place at a time but it hurts so much
    thanks from the u.k...its great to get your thoughts!
  2. WoodstocksMusic

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    Yes what you describe does sound like fm. Pain that moves around... what about sleep problems, what about fatigue that leaves you unable to function....you sleep for 15 hours for several weeks on end (months even) and still feel like you have not had enough sleep....

    what about insomnia...stretches where you can only sleep a couple hours a day for weeks/month?

    Fibro is so much more then just pains.

    I would certainly recommend that you find another doctor for a second, or third opinion if you are uncertain.

    I think many people are given the fm diagnosis when the doctor is uncertain but tests show nothing. FM of course is all that is left when tests come back negative and you still hurt..

    4 years is a long time to struggle with pain. Find someone who can at least help you learn to manage the pain.

    Good luck
  3. kirsty28

    kirsty28 New Member

    thankyou for your thoughts....kirsty
  4. Smiffy

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    Well it could be fibro......& then again it could be lots of other things! Is it your muscles that hurt, or just your joints, or both?

    Most of us with fibro either start with bad fatigue & brainfog, or go on to develop it.

    Have your parathyroid & calcium levels been checked? Has your thyroid level been checked? Have you been tested for Lyme disease? It might be worth paying to see a specialist privately just once or twice in order to have all the appropriate tests run - you'll never get them on the NHS. I went to a BUPA hospital to see a specialist for my diagnosis, as I knew I didn't have the arthritis I'd been diagnosed with. I couldn't afford treatment by him.

    Let us know how you progress. xxx
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