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    Boy is he strict!!! gap

    WKRN, Nashville, Tennessee News, Weather, and Sports |Pledge condemns cheaters to Hell,

    Posted: Nov 04, 2009 5:17 PM CST MURFREESBORO, Tenn. -

    Frustrated over cheating allegations, one professor at Middle Tennessee State University took the idea of a traditional honor code in a controversial direction.

    Suspecting that one of his MBA candidates had just cheated on an exam, Professor T. had each of them sign a pledge that said if they had cheated, they'd be condemned to an eternity in Hell.

    The pledge went on to say if the student cheated they will "be sorry for the rest of [their] life and go to Hell."

    "He issued this pledge and asked them to sign it," explained Tom T. Director of News and Public Affairs at the university. "Certainly some students had called the department chair and complained that they were asked to sign this [honor code] they found it offensive."

    Professor T admits, he may have overreacted but says he was particularly because the course had previously covered the chapter on ethics.

    About the pledge he said, "I may have overreacted to some extent, so I feel sorry about that. The main point is I'm trying to raise standards."

    T said he based his pledge on an academic study showing students who read the Ten Commandments before an exam were less likely to cheat.

    As for the last part, about going to Hell, T said he would probably leave that out in the future.

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    if one were an atheist, this pledge (in full) would have absolutely no meaning...

    And for those who have faith who believe that they will be forgiven for their sins if truly repented... will be forgiven, even if they have a mis-step and fall.

    Or are sociopaths.

    A quandary, but probably would make some stop & think (without the added "going to Hell" part)?

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    Victoria!, anyway who are we to say who goes to hell and who don't???? Sort of taking the place of the Lord there :).............

    The commandants are a good place to start though.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    seems to have a very simplistic concept of human behavior.
    If signing a paper would make people honest, the world would
    have discovered this long ago.

    I wonder where he got his Ph. D. And what does he teach?
    Business Administration? Isn't cheating considered the way to get
    ahead in business? Just look at Wall Street, the Banking industry,
    and the business of politics, medicine and pharamaceuticals.

    I looked on the net, but couldn't find any info. regarding the Prof.

    I certainly wouldn't want to be one of his students. By the way,
    how do you cheat when you are a graduate student? Grad.
    students don't take true and false tests. At least not traditionally.
    They write papers.

    There is also a constitutional issue here. If this is a state school, it
    cannot be administered by religious concepts. Regardless of what

    The whole thing seems very poorly thought out by the Professor.
    Think the academic committee better review his standing.

    Think I'll go have a glass of real orange juice. Not the imitation kind.


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    I originally posted this because I found it funny but had really only scanned the article. Then other posters focused on other parts of the article which made me see it in a different light. How cool!!

    I find it fascinating how posts can wander around like a Conga Line.

    I wonder if I should write a paper about this phenomenon.


    ETA I don't think I ever took tests in grad. school except maybe Statistics.

    I am going to edit the name of the professor. Rock I would have never thought of that. You learn something new every day!! Thanks!!

    I forgot to put that even the posts that don't wander are also interesting.

    Anyone care to dance? DA DA DA DA, DADA. That is my rendition of the rhythm of a Conga Dance.

    Okay can anyone make an icon from a keyboard representing a conga line. Joan won the prize for the ladybug icon.

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