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    HI feel sooo bad today.Didn't sleep much,fighting depression because of my self inflicted drama.Still waiting on the BF to move out.We talked weeks ago and decided it was over,but then because he couldn't move right out,we had a few good days and pretended we believed things were ok.We agree that it is a wrap,done!!!!I just want the moving out process to be quick and drama free.I ain't mad,disappointed and a bit sad though.I hope that dude doesn't go into his childish rude routine.It is so ridiculous to make things drag out and be ugly.I can't wait to be free,meaning not cooking if I don't want to,ain't gotta talk if I don't want to,don't have to clean up or any of that stuff you do when someone else is living with you.Don't get me wrong,I do clean and cook and all that crap,but I will enjoy doing it when I feel like it,only!!!!Plus,I can run around naked if I chose to,who will know-lol!!!I just thought I'd add that,since it is the first thing most people say they are gonna do once they are living alone.Relationships suck!!!Oh wait,BAD relationships suck!!!
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    Hey! sounds miserable! I would do just as Dr Phill says (Kick him to the curb!),,,,,,,What ya Waitin' for Girl?
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    I guess this is why people put me thru so much ish.I am always concerned about the other man's plight even when they aren't concerned with mine.I am trying to hang tough til he gets an apartment.It is time to put this thang is rush mode before it gets ugly though.Why people always want to go the drama way,can't we all just get along-lol
    I try to treat him the way I want to be treated,cause I would much rather split without calling the poe poe ya know.And don't want the childish taking back gifts and items that are in the house here.But if it can't be done nice I will have to let 'Super _itch' out and she is mess-lol
    I mean I can be a real terrible thang when messed with.I know I have a tongue like a razor,that is why "I tries to use my powers for good not evil".I feel so much better sharing with the people here-Thanks Ya'll

    Oh yeah, I got a question,I share the computer with the ex and it(computer) remembers my pass word so all I have to do is click on login which means anyone else can do the same from this computer.How do I change the password so that I can have the computer not save it??[This Message was Edited on 08/16/2007]

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