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    Ok, I've been using Wow Drops for 5 yrs or more....I used to buy them at our health food store and then they stopped stocking now I buy them on line, usually buy 2 bottles at time and this lasts a long time....

    They are drops made from Chlorphyll and Peppermint leaves....VERY STRONG....1 drop is a good start, I've been using them a long time so I know how much to use....some put it on their hand and lick off but I put a drop right on my tongue.

    I had posted about these years ago but could not find my post in it's probably been dropped off with the site changes....

    Anyway, today I had to go out and my Energy drops so badly that I just want to lay down....but I had to go I sat and meditated for a few minutes and added a drop on WOW on my tongue and my goodness, did I wake up and get energized....and my sinus passages opened up big time. I walked into my chiro's office full of energy after a 20 minute drive.

    So, I'm throwing this out for those who need some extra energy or who want their sinus passages cleared or a good fresh breath or all of the above...

    Here's a link talking about Wow and also everything they address:‎

    Reading a bunch of reviews from customers who use WOW Drops and one woman said: A drop wakes her up when she is feeling sleepy and also got rid of acid reflux totally.
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