Wow! It is so great to finally talk to others...

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by goinunder, Dec 8, 2004.

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    that had some of the same problems as me. I keep thinking I am going crazy and maybe just making up all the medical problems I have for some strange reason. I have had surgeries and medical conditions since I was a baby. I have had almost 20 surgeries and looks like I face yet another one. Like some of you, I feel depressed alot. Like I am under water, like it is just too hard to keep going day after day. In fact I felt so much like that once, after I had stopped taking pain medication that I was just too attached to, that I took myself to the emergency because I thought that I might hurt myself. It was like I was in a deep black hole and just couldnt get out. I was immediately sent to a rehab/mental hospital for a week. Best thing I ever did, and right about now, I wish I could go back. My sinuses are bad, also, and they are so over operated on, they are messed up bad. I just had a rod and screws put in my back last year, cause I was falling down in parking lots and had massive pain down my right side. Now, I have the gall bladder stuff. I just really get sick of being sick. I live out in the middle of nowhere, no family, no friends, just my hubby and daughter and they know how much I hate it. Let me put it this way, I was born and raised in Silicon Valley in CA, and now I live in the armpit of Nevada. A truck stop.

    Anyway, I am babbling. Sorry, but I can just relate to anyone out there. And anyone who reads this, please write to me as I would love to hear from anyone. Thanks for listening!
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    Today is my 1st time on here & i also wish to make new friends so maybe we can mail each other now?
    However bad my illnesses are i"m always here for you & anyone else who needs a listening ear or advice etc.
    I"m a very good listener & i really love helping others so dont forget if you need a new friend you got me!
    Take care ok & please dont ever think you"re alone & dont apologise for babbling,we"ve all done it!
    You"re in my thoughts & prayers from today so i"d like to say happy finding a new friend day!
    May god bless you fibrolady37.
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    Don't give up!! I too, have fibromyalgia and depression. I am currently taking Tramadol for pain and nothing else. I find that the depression is the worst when I isolate myself from people. I know that emotions can exacerbate the symptoms. Yet, I feel that people do not understand and wouldn't accept me. Do you feel the same? It almost seems easier to withdraw then pretend that I fit in. However, I dont think that is a very healthy approach.

    You said you don't have any friends (neither do I), but maybe there is a support group of some kind in your area that you could attend? Or church perhaps? I know that my faith in a loving God has got me through many bouts of hopelessness and I have been looking at some recovery groups in the area. I guess I am getting a little desperate for adult interaction. LOL

    Please feel free to write me. I would be more than happy to have you for a friend.

    God Bless,