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Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by maps1, May 23, 2010.

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    This board is quite active, nice to see as i miss pro-health.

    Just to let everyone know I am doing quite well. Started IV antibiotics March 9th, added Azithromycyn May 1st, waiting to get up the courage to add Flagly, going to try today.

    I am far, far from recovered but the difference is stunning. In the very early spring i had asked my children if they would come over when it was time to plant the flowers. It would be the first year that I could no longer do it.

    Not only did I do it on my own but I hauled in 10 bags of fertilizer and black earth and totally re-did everything. Trimmed all the shrubs, dug up all the weedy plants.

    I have gone from couch to bed to couch to now tinkering around pretty much all day, going for walks, doing my washing etc.

    I have a lot of pain and obviously fall apart often but at least now I feel like part of the world.

    I am also being treated by a homeopathic doctor to make sure liver, kidneys and digestive system do not get too stressed.

    Just thought I would post this and that maybe it would give hope to others.

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    You are definitley giving hope to others!!!

    Thank you for posting this, so others can see that it is possible to get treated and have improvement after many years of debilitating illness!!

    Wishing you many more good days ahead!!
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    What were your symptoms/history/treatment? I have a zillion MS type symptoms /housebound now for 6 months--- my crash to land of non living/agony was triggered by a few drugs for only 3 weeks and herb tea-so terrified of treatment=working with homeopath and flower essence guy right a terrifed place I have so many unbearable symptoms., too many to list-including numb and weak all over etdc.