Wow...LLMD has a cancellation for next week

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by Junegal, Jun 16, 2008.

  1. Junegal

    Junegal New Member

    I was diagnosed 1.5 years ago with CFS. I requested a Lyme test and it came back positive (Quest, two bands) 3 weeks ago.

    I found a doctor to treat Lyme (on my insurance) and made an appt for next week. Upon further research I found she is an infectious disease doctor, not an LLMD. Though someone with chronic Lyme said she helped her regain her life.

    So I had planned on keeping that appt next week and starting her protocol. In the meantime I was going to make an appt with the LLMD for August (first available appt) and then see how I was feeling in August.

    Well they called today, there is a cancellation next week and I took it. I have to be honest, I am not sure how I feel about paying $800 for a consultation and then hundreds for the b/w she will run because I've gone doctor to doctor to doctor for 1.5 years without a cure. So I don't want to throw money away. But if she can give me a part of my life back, it'll be worth the money. We do not have any insurance reimbursement so this is a tough amount to swallow. But I'm in my late 30s and need my life back.

    So I guess I'll cancel the ID appt and go with the LLMD. WWYD?

    Anyone see Dr. LF in NJ?
  2. munch1958

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    I'd skip all the way to her office from Illinois if I thought I could get an appointment.

    I'm very impressed with the show Mystery Diagnosis where she was a featured doc. Just bought her new book too! You are in good hands!

    Check out the Greater Hartford CT Lyme Support & Action Group for some of her videos too.
  3. buttercakes

    buttercakes New Member

    I'd go with the LLMD also, I know its expensive,but like you
    said you've already been from doc to doc and wasted alot of money and dont want to waste any more time or money. A LLMD is what all Lymies need. I wasted alot of time and money too, going from doc to doc. The only one that has helped me is my LLMD, he is expensive, but but worth every penny. Happy Healing Sandie P.S. you will get your life back
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  4. Junegal

    Junegal New Member

    Are we talking about the same doctor? She is in Northern NJ? I didn't know she wrote book but I was confused when you stated to look in the CT area. The ID doctor was in CT but the LLMD is in NJ. I hope we have the same doctor and that I'll be in "fine" hands. ??

    I'm so nervous and have *so* much to do to get my ducks in a row with medical paperwork so I leave absolutely *nothing* out when I see her.

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