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    I knew Star Scientific the parent company of Anatabloc was heavily involved in thyroid issues and I believe tests are completed and Mary came out with this posting today...

    Then there is Janie Bowthorpe who authored Stop The Thyroid Madness and in her revised edition mentions Anatabloc.

    That's the main reason I posted mostly since I know thyroid and all our pain issues are so connected....

    Anyway, here is Mary's posting today:

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    Thanks for posting! Will also be interesting to see if the anatabloc helps your thyroid, if you'll be able to reduce your thyroid med - keep us posted on this -

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  3. jaminhealth

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    reduced my Armour by 30mg...we'll see how it goes down the road...this is so exciting for so many suffering out there. Mary's book on Living Well with HypoT really helped save me back in 2001 or thereabouts...her book is my thyroid bible, was anyway. jam
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    From Hypothyroid about Anatabloc here too.
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    Anyone taking Anatabloc and a thyroid medication - please DO NOT reduce/increase/change your medication until you have discussed matters with your doctor and have had a full set of thyroid blood tests to ascertain your thyroid levels.
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    change what I take, I'd be camped out at my doc's office.

    I've been working with thyroid SO LONG and know how to dose up and down...and YES there are many here who don't...but some of us have been working with our thyroids for many yrs.... I've also read books and been on a thyroid support group for yrs, so I've done my research and work.

    Here is what my gf said today about Anatabloc:

    Like you, I suspect Aboc could be HUGE! My last lecture for nursing credits mentioned nicotine as helping the brain.
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    Thyroid is a very powerful hormone. Changing doses should be managed by one's doc. Changing the dose can lead to heart palpitations and/or tachycardia. Our members are, for the most part, not medical professionals and are not qualified to provide medical advice. We do, however, benefit from one another's experiences and by sharing, it provides us with topics to discuss with our docs.

    Love, Mikie
  8. jaminhealth

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    SO MANY don't get doses changed or get on a
    support that could help them better....I have friends who say their doc never changed their dose, their hands are cold,
    they are alway I see it all just with
    the ladies I play bridge with. And most are in HMO's
    and don't get more special care....very sad.

    I'm SO Thankful for my integrative MD's in our town
    and I pay the extra copays with my medicare to get
    the extra care....and Yes, I know not everyone can do

    Many young people don't have any insurance...our system
    is so pathetic for many many.

    PS: When I think back to the 10 long yrs as suspecting sluggish
    thryoid and kept getting that "normal" mantra....and slapped with
    A/D''ve heard my story many times....

    I had to get to work and LEARN as much as I could and I have...thank
    goodness I have friends who "walked" with me along my learning path...[This Message was Edited on 03/09/2013]
  9. bct

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    Be sure you check out the reviews on Amazon before you buy this stuff please! Also realize that studies have ONLY been done on mice....or so says
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  10. jaminhealth

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    I've researched this and talked to gazillions on it and Mary doesn't make things up, I don't think, do you? She was my first go to in 1999 when I was struggling so much, her book/bible saved me....

    This is new and people are posting about all their positives and like anything else, it has negatives, as doesn't work for all....Nanie46 here said it didn't work for me....

    It's giving me a good part of my life back....I was so down for the last 2+ yrs.....

    Sure there are reviews on amazon but a LOT of postive ones..
    human nature zeros in on the negatives...huh...

    Cheryl Reilly has a site talking about her struggles with Crohns and
    Fibro and how Anatabloc has changed her life....I mentioned this on my original thread. [This Message was Edited on 03/09/2013]
  11. bct

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    Merely pointing out some facts, and wondering if this is just more Big Pharma in disguise......and we all know how devious THEY can be. Anyways, I've added an url to my above post for questioning minds to check out.
  12. jaminhealth

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    we'd need a script right....all of us taking "A", hope and
    pray pharma doesn't get involved then for sure we're in trouble....but thinking about pharma, if this supp helps so
    much and no side effects, that's not pharma's style of drugs.

    Reilly was involved in human trials in Flint back in the
    early stages of the development of this supp as I understand

    All I know, I've never taken anything that's helped so much...granted I took a pharma anti inflammatory a long
    time ago and ended up in the ER with stomach
    I shy so clear of them...

    Just know I just bring the info and one can try or not...
    I took the leap and it's working....FOR ME.
  13. jaminhealth

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    I don't think she would put her reputation out there if she didn't believe what she is saying. I believe the site NAH is run by Dr. Kent Hortof (sp)....his clinic has been discussed here many times over the years.
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    This link is not opening
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    This link is not opening
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    try to go to National Acadamy of Hypothrodism (NAH) and try to find the article....I'll fish around more on how to post the opens for me here.....

    OK, I googled NAH Anatabloc and got the link so here
    is another link to open or just google the above:

    Mary's article is right on the front page.[This Message was Edited on 03/10/2013]
  17. jaminhealth

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    online mass mailing of her thyroid health newsletter:


    Mary was my "first" go to source when I was struggling
    back in 1991, and I found her work in 1999 and bought
    her book and still refer to it...

    Mary elaborates on the Anatabloc and INflammation.

    I forwarded the email to my integrative MD as she probably
    has not heard of Anatabloc, and told her my progress so far
    and that I would see her later this year for labs....and that
    I'm taking 30mg less Armour since Abloc. [This Message was Edited on 03/12/2013]