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    My husband is doing so much better it is amazing. He went to a new Rheumy about a month ago, and both of us weren't very impressed with her.Hubby was in such horrible pain. I was having to dress him. He had been in severe constant pain for about a year. He was falling down quite a bit and was suffering severe depression. The Rheumy gave my husband samples of Ambian and Lunesta, she told him to try one for 10 days and then to try the other for 10 days and see which helped him the best. She then told him she wanted him to start a moderate exercise program. He was very upset with her, he had been to so many doctors and nothing had helped him. He took the ambian first and it did not help him sleep, but the Lunesta has worked wonders for him. He was taking 2 Loritabs in the morning for pain and one at night. Now he is taking nothing for pain and is walking 1 mile a day. This is amazing, 6 weeks ago he could hardly walk anywhere. I thank God for letting him find this help. It is wonderful to see him enjoying his life and laughing again. I wanted to post this because maybe it can help someone.

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    That's great news!!
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    For me I really think that sleep, or should I say the lack of, was on the biggest turn of events for me and my pain!!!

    I still hurt, some days better then some. But I do not have those all encompsing every-bloody-thing-hurts-get-a-gun-and-hit-me-over-the-head-with-it days.

    I am so glad to here your news!!!!

    Praise God and pass the Lunesta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    It is like a vicious cycle of which came first the pain that keeps me from sleeping or the lack of sleep that keeps my body from regenerating and thus causing the pain.

    To get anywhere with FM you have to treat both symptoms - pain and the sleep disorder. I always thot if I could just stop the pain I could sleep...well the pain meds stopped the pain but I still was not sleeping!

    Some types of pain meds will keep you up at night so it is tricky....I did not even realize that mine were keeping me up for almost 2 years. I did not feel jittery at all like you typically do when meds are keeping you awake.

    I actually found out on this board and then did a test run of stopping my pain meds 6 hours before my bedtime for a few weeks...that along with the lunesta had me sleeping better at night and gradually I needed less and less pain meds as my full nights sleeping was slowing making me feel more and more refreshed in the mornings.

    I learned the hard way that you can't just say that the pain meds do not keep me awake at night...I said exactly the same thing but when I stopped them in the late afternoon I found out differently! I slowly got better and need less pain meds... Surprise surprise surprise.

    Now I am totally off sleep meds and only occasionally take Pain meds...and I mean occasionally - 90 pills have lasted me a year this time and I have half the bottle still left!

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    I'm glad he is doing so much better!

    Sleep must have been his main problem. By sleeping more, is his depression better? If not, he might want to ask her about Cymbalta. It has worked wonders for me and has helped my pain.

    It certainly is nice to hear with someone is helped by something!


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