Wow! Thanks Everybody! for the warm welcome!:)

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    Thanks everybody for such a warm welcome!!! I couldnt believe all the replies I had to my post ..I guess im used to joining a chat or a message board and feeling like Im invisible... Feels so good to be welcomed to such a great site and not feel like I have to work my way into the already established cliques... Thanks Pam for the suggestion about posting a message about finding a Dr in Ft Myers.. Thank you to everybody else for all your helpful advice...

    I am so frustrated on The Dr.s in Ft Myers none of them want to recognize FMS .. the last Dr. I went to I was very optimistic and positive My Partner Lisa's Mom was seeing a chronic pain Dr.for 4 broken vertabrae in her back from a car accicent.. He wasnt seeing any new pts but his partner was ... The first visit he tells me that I need to go off every med I was on Soma,Darvocett because they have no benefits. Soma a muscle relaxant that helps a little and lets me 4 hrs sleep sometimes. He said all it would do is cloud my mind and have no pain relieving or sleep qualities.
    I have been on soma for over 10 yrs He wanted me to stop both cold turkey... So I did thinking these new meds would help. First he put me on neurontin,for sleep methadone for pain which shocked me I thought it was just for people trying to get off heroine. He said that is used as a pain killer more than any other & zoloft he started me on a start pack for the zoloft.
    Well I went back a week later because the side effects were so bad from the 3 new meds all together ... He just told me that if I didnt respond to this drug combo then I was out of luck that since I have had fibro for over 20 yrs that I am pretty much out of options and nearing the end of my rope... He also called me an "Enigma of modern medicine" still not sure what that means

    Im so glad my partner was with me I was in tears after all this, so was she.... I continued the Zoloft even though I didnt notice anything major being on it I was told it took awhile before I would feel any benefits from it.

    Right before I finished my 2nd starter pkg of Zoloft I called the Dr. to renew my zoloft I thought that was the least he could do I was told I had been given a written script already & I couldnt get another one.
    ... I guess I was so upset when I left his office I drpped it lost it something. I never found it. I called him back to tell him this and he pretty much again said I was again out of luck since I didnt respond to his meds that he was no longer my Dr. that he didnt feel comfortable writing me a script for the zoloft.

    I didnt notice anything while I was on the Zoloft ..MY partner did she said she noticed little differences. I sure noticed a difference when I was off them and had to stop cold turkey cause I couldnt get him to write me another prescription.. I guess I went through withdrawls from it I felt even worse than I usually do .. I then found out you cant just stop taking Zoloft or this probably will happen in 90% of patients even though everybody reacts differently.

    So right now im flying blind back on my soma which provides a little releif I feel its better than nothing as advil just doesnt cut Thats it til I can get a Dr that will take me on That will have the patience and willingness to stick it out until an acceptable relief level is found no matter how long it takes so frustrating Thanks again everybody for making me feel so welcome and feeling that I wont have to expain and defend what are real feelings of pain and stress... I hope that everybody can find just a little relief so we can all have more good days than bad..

    gentle hugs Robyn:)
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    and your welcome for the welcome!
    teehee :)
    I know what ya mean, before I found this ACTIVE board
    I tried a couple of others and they were soooooooo slow I did'nt get answers for 3 or 4 days!
    even then it was only 2 people.

    This place is busy~
    Sometimes too much so!
    Messages move onto page 2 so quickly somedays.
    So if you ever feel the need you can BUMP your posts back up top by just hitting reply on your post to bump,then under title just put BUMP.
    hope your around more,
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    Sorry to hear about all your troubles with the doc. Also, I hope you are able to find another one!

    After trying dozens of meds, the best combination that helps me for the fibro is:


    *Cymbalta - helps on nerve pain and has helped a lot of people here with their fibro pain. (Suggest this to a doc rather than Zoloft!)

    *Zanaflex - a muscle relaxer, not as strong as Soma, to help sleep.

    Take care,

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