Wow this stuff packs a punch

Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by dancingnut, Feb 26, 2004.

  1. dancingnut

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    I started TF Essentials on Monday, took one and then took one on Tuesday. I am rashing and itching, very tired. My best friend has been taking TF too and is feeling like hell. This stuff really packs a punch, but I hate feeling so (bleep). Makes you want to not take it. I think I will go real slow and take one every third day, so my body can adjust to it.

    Just wanted to write you guys for support in taking this. Im doing okay on Bromelain, no problems, but TF is strong stuff, which means it has great potential to heal. I dont dare start the Doxy yet.

    Any support would be appreciated, cuz I feel really down again about this whole thing and hard to be positive when you feel like shit.




    ANNXYZ New Member

    It is POWERFUL ! You are wise to go VERY slow and not
    push the limits since you feel crummy.
    It is so strong you feel like you are taking something that is MAKING you sick ( hard to remember it may help!)
    If you start the doxy , you can go slow , otherwise you WILL think you are in Hell for sure. For a while I took 50 mg every other day ( not even every day ) Sujay said you can still get benefit if you do this steadily ( however you have to discuss this with your doc) I am now on 50 mg daily and will nnot raise it for a while , as I can at least tolerate it well now .
    At first I took 100 mg daily and was often near tears . The 50 mg every other day for a couple of months made it lots easier. Now I am comfortable with 50 mg daily, but adding the TF has me worn down for sure. If I eventually get acclimated to the TF in a couple of months I will raise the doxy to 100 mg .
    Sujay says we feel crummy because our immune system is doing its job , and I remind myself of that frequently.
    Hang in there !

  3. spacee

    spacee Member

    For you who are feeling bad. Please hang in there and get better! The only input that I can think of is this. From Annxyz and from my experience....some TF's are tolerated better. So, perhaps you might try one of the others at some point.

  4. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    Took only two, but back to back...remembrance of the beginning days of OLE...have a sore throat with this, which was not one of the symptoms I had on the OLE herxing..probably will take one every two days, until herxing is not so exhausting..

    Well, I had HORRID HEADACHES FROM THE OLE...THIS SEEMINGLY IS MORE JUST THE ICKY, GENERAL MALAISE, FLUISH C**P!!! What we have to endure to get there..Hang in there..It is usually worth the trip..If this is as good as OLE, you will probably get rid of some longstanding symptoms you have had to endure over many years..

  5. spacee

    spacee Member

    I have to hand it to you....I never would have endured headaches...way too wimpy. Burning skin I can do but not for too long. So glad we have your experience on this journey....

  6. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    Well, Herxing from OLE caused a combination of brain swelling and one of the worst migraines of my life...which was a slight step down from the MIGRAINE OF ALL MIGRAINES, THAT LASTED AT LEAST A WEEK FROM ALLERGY SHOTS, and forced me to go to the ER..

    I have never been able to have any good reaction from allergy shots..They overwhelm my system and make my symptoms, 1000 fold worse..After all the neurologists, ALLERGIST, ENT DOCS, OLE was the best thing out there to prevent my migraines..the only time I get a migraine, now, is when I have TOTALLY FORCED TOO MUCH ACTIVITY ON THIS WEARY BODY, SENSORY OVERLOADED TO THE MAX.


  7. Plantscaper

    Plantscaper New Member

    COMPLETELY KNOCKED OUT FLAT, TODAY..can't hardly move one inch..not one ounce of energy, very appropriate description....

    Spacy- Do you know why we are suppose to take this in the morning?

    How long does it usually take to get past this initial herxing phase?

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  8. blazer

    blazer New Member

    Hi,...don't give up.
    I take a lot of the basics now with 6000 esp.
    I feel stronger and yes, give yourself a good two weeks to come around. Drink a lot.
    The brain swelling will come down...with alpha lopic acid!
    A natural dr. from out of stat told me to get on it to cut the "swollen brain feeling...and the neck area" She completely understood...repeated , get on alpha lopoic aced asap...I take 50 to 100mg at a time..and more if needed...BINGO It works every time.
  9. susiek

    susiek New Member

    Wow, TF Essentials that strong, huh?

    I was perusing one for my 1 year old kitten. He has the Feline Herpes virus. Not sure if the TF's for human specific viruses would work for him, although Michelle Dopson (Chisolm labs, maker of ImmuneC) said she gave it to her Bengal cat that was very sick with upper respiratory and in 2 weeks it cured her. (However I do not want to spend $140.00)

    I was thinking of putting him on the TF Essentials, I hope he doesn't herx that bad! I am wondering if 1/4 capsule will do the trick, guess only one way to find out.

    I had him on a Lysine (for feline herpes)/ astragalus/ olive leaf extract product and every time I tried it with him (for up to 2 weeks) he herxed so I just took him off of it.

  10. tandy

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    I've been looking over here and reading lots...,a little interested in TF. I have Fibro and a few other make for funtime conditions :)
    From the sounds of these herx's,...I'd be scared to start!!
    I've been the route of AP(long term) and herxed alot on that,but tolerable I guess.
    Does'nt sound like any fun!! Hang in there all!
    I hope you see improvements fast!!
    Take care ,
    I'm a big chicken chit!
  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    The reason I ordered the System 200 is for the a strain of the HHV-6. I will add these to the Heparin and Doxycycline as soon as they arrive. I'll probably just start out with the 200 and add the C a week or so later.

    I've been on the Doxy for two years and on Famvir for a year, so believe me when I tell y'all I know Herxing. I Am The Herxing Queen (sung to ABBA's "Dancing Queen").

    I spect that the TF will cause some big Herxing; I already had my first big Heparin Herx. I know they make one feel like hell, but to me, they signify death to the pathogens.

    Take Vitamin C and drink LOTS of water when Herxing.

    Love, Mikie