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  1. loto

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    i signed in after being away from this board for a few days and so much goings on!

    I think I'm just way too fogged to understand any of this talk about "x", though.
    I just can't get my brain to get a grip on what I'm reading, so I will come back in a couple of days and try again.

  2. quanked

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    the X stuff. Sometimes, it seems to me, that some discussions that take place here require some kind of prerequisite information to grasp what is being discussed. One of my major issues with CFS is the neurological damage I have sustained over the past 8 or 9 years. I am envious of those here who still have a well functioning brain.

    I think, and I sure could be wrong, that the X stuff is about CFIDS might be or is contagious. Perhaps it will become more clear to me as I read the continuing discussions.
  3. loto

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    for understanding my misunderstandings! LOL

    While I'm still foggy today, I did read the article everyone is talking about, and finally kind of know what they're talking about.

    I do hope it means good news for all of the CFS people. While I'm an FMer, I'm still discouraged for myself and other FMers, but hopeful for the CFSers, and hope it doesn't take more years of research to do testing for this virus. Hopefully it won't take much longer for them to get better treatment for CFS.

  4. FibroFay

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    I'm with you in that this stuff is way too complicated to understand it all!

    From what I've read here on the board I believe the news applies to Fibro too! They've found the virus in Fibro patients also. There will be more excitement in the days ahead as more news unfolds. Hopefully, you and I will be able to grasp bits and pieces that apply to us Fibro people.

    We'll figure it all out. I hope too that it doesn't take a long time.

  5. nah.stacey

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    I think the only difference between CFS and FM is the pain. I see no other difference between the two.
    If there is a difference please explain.