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    My Goodness, I have never been so welcome anywhere in my life!!!!!!! Don't know what to say. Since the onset of this CFS thing I truly believe was triggered by a work injury and all the nightmare associated with getting thru the WC system, the husband leaving (couldn't take the pressure) and the identity crisis of knowing you'll never return to work, well it just became over whelming and I slipped into some kind of nightmare. Everybody thought it was the pain killers but I still take them and I sure am not as sick as I was back then! OH DER, I am off track here, what I was getting at is I found a board at the Ivillage with women there that were and are in the same situation trying to paw their way thru the system of dissability and poverty! I truly think they saved my life and so I know there is a lot to be said for support and that is the only place until I found you all that has EVER put forth the support you all do! THANK YOU!
    NOW, Since I can't bring a bottle of wine over for all of you I think I have found something much more therapuetic. There is a book out on the internet called "Get your Money" It is amazing. This man tells his story of suddenly becomming ill and how they system leaves him helpless until he has a friend help him out and takes him to Social Security......The point is this is a great story all right BUT he devotes an entire index on where to go what to do and even better, What NOT to do, and how to deal with a lot of the crisis' that we face loosing our life to a debilatating illness. Hope it might help some of you who are struggling thru the system in effort to salvage what is left of our lives! It is called "Get Your Disability Money" by Timothy Parks I just stumbled onto it I will try to forward the Link to you all here, for some reason it won't paste right now. Sorry, but at any rate I hope you can pull it up by the Title. SO, Thanks Everyone, HUGS.....JYN

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    Glad to hear you feel so welcome here, thanks for sharing the book too.

    We do try to support and help one another as much as possible here. Lots of great people on our boards.

    I am sorry, but the rules of the board do not allow us to give out web-addresses of others boards etc.

    If you need some help with our rules here, just go to the left side of this page, there is a link called; 'Message board rules', and on the right side is; 'New to the Board? click here' both in blue print.

    Again, let me welcome you, and hope you will be with us for a longtime!

    Shalom, Shirl