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  1. I don't know if its fibro or what. Lately my wrists hurt so bad its hard to use them, at night its bad . One wrist I broke 30 yrs ago and never had any problems until lately. I got a brace for it, but it makes it worse. I imagine I have arthritis in it. Dr said we could xray it but went out the door. It REALLY is painful. Now my other one is acting up. Man can we ever catch a break!

    does anyone have problmes with wrists and what do you do? I use the msm cream on it that Jaminhealth recommended and it helps a bit but????
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    the wrist splints ? The wrist splints have the medal plates in them.
    This is what i wear on both my wrists/hands and it is also very important to
    wear them sleeping.

    I did have the nerve conduction test on my wrist and i do have the carpal tunnel syndrome with both. Surgery is not an option for me so doc prescribed the wrist splints.

    You may want to give this a try, i purchased mine at a medical store . they are not expensive and they are very helpful.

    Be Well
  3. yes I do have the wrist splints but it actually makes it hurt worse sometimes.
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    i've had this wrist pain, also. I had a steroid shot about a month and a half ago, in my arm, because my doctor said given there it would help all my joints. And, lo and behold, it did!! it even helped my elbow that i have chronic tendonitis in!!! I also have FM. So far, my wrists are pain free! So, if they start hurting every day again like they use to, I'll know the cortisone shot helped, and that it wore off and it's time for another one!!!!! Have you ever tried the shot?
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    If you feel there might be a carpal tunnel/tendinitis component, you might try extra B6 vitamin.

    Tendinitis is a very common symptom when free T3 thyroid hormone (the active T hormone) levels are low. Most docs do not test free T3, you must request the test. If free T3 does prove low, thyroid hormone supplementation is often the quickest route to improving tendinitis & arthritis symptoms.

    When my wrists start acting up, I can actually see a red streak on the inner aspect of the wrist, over the tendon. Increasing my T3 med zaps the pain & redness within a few hours.

    Cortisone injections reduce inflammation & usually decrease pain -- but at a long-term cost. Muscle & bone deterioration is hastened with regular use of cortisone injections.

    If you are able to tolerate NSAIDs, they can be helpful in reducing tendon & joint pain. A topical NSAID gel/cream (RX) is useful where there is gut sensitivity.

    Best wishes.

    Best wishes.
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    I get this a lot. It feels like false carpal tunnel. I know it's not really carpal 'cause it goes away for weeks to months at a time. It is very painful but strangely, with FMS and CFS we don't end up with actual damage. It's just one more pain I put up with. It's worse around my ovulation.

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    At ovulation, estrogen levels peak.

    Estrogen binds to thyroid hormone, leaving less "free" thyroid hormone available to do the work that needs to be done.

    One possible explanation for why your wrists flare at ovulation.

    Best wishes.
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    What a cute name you have and so apropos! :) Thanks for the explanation. I know hormones are at play with my symptoms as they all cycle with my monthly cycle.

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    Mine started out as weakness in my hands where I noticed I couldn't open things like I used to. Then in the mornings I started noticing a slight stiffness in the fingers and now its moved into the wrist. Its really gotten bad. I have hypothyroidism but just had my levels checked and they're fine.

    I take celebrex as well and pain meds. I take 10,000 units of Vit D a day and calcium 1200 (menopausal) :). 2000 of Vit C and E, just started taking Vit A, 30,000 units last Sunday. My Dr. just put me on the Vit A to help w/ the wrist and hand pain. Not helping yet. I also had my bloodwork done checking for inflammatory diseases such as Rhematoid Arthritis and such. Everything came back negative. I also take magnesium, lithium salt, Selenium B-6 in a cream prescribed by my Dr.

    I'll have to ask my Pain Dr. about the cortisone shots. I'm just afraid cuz I get so many in my back.

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    I have injured both wrists in past accidents, but about 5 years ago while doing alot of grooming my horses, the pain started up.

    Since I can't take much of anything orally, these are what work for me: Magnetic wrist wraps (don't touch the computer without them on, or if I'm going to be 'doing' anything with them).
    Just discovered a topical product that has MSM & Glucosamine in it, and you just spray it on where it hurts (health food store item). Painstop is the name or is it Stopain (one of them)

    Both ankles hurt as well, so the above works for them as well. I usually always wear them at night.

    P.S. for your fingers I'm sure they have magnetic gloves. I wear magnets everywhere!!