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    From TVGUIDE.com:

    With a tentative agreement between striking writers and Hollywood moguls expected to be announced sometime this week, my moles at Grey's tell me that production on the show is expected to resume in early March. The plan is to shoot four or five episodes to air in April/May.

    A similar scenario is expected to play out at two other ABC hits, Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters. The fate of heavily serialized shows like Lost, Heroes and 24 remains unclear.

    There's a lot more than one measly football game to get excited about today. We're getting our TV shows back!

    But....hold on LOST fans. There is hope for us too:


    From Lostpedia.com:

    Red Five standing by... or make it the Oceanic Six. Widespread industry rumors have it that the writer's guild may be on the verge of a breakthrough settlement to end their strike, possibly in time to save part of the remaining unfilmed half of Lost Season 4.

    The Hollywood Reporter reported that these informal conversations resulted in monumental breakthroughs that could result in official negotiations to finalize a settlement soon, perhaps in the next week.

    If this actually results in the WGA authorizing filmings to resume, it may mean the salvage of part of episodes 9-16 of Lost if the cast and crew can be reassembled hastily over in Hawaii. Probably all eight episodes cannot be saved at this late date, but that's speculation upon speculation for now, and also dependent on whether ABC extends its general television season this year. So sit tight and follow the entertainment news closely because it just might mean a second installment of several more episodes of Season 4 for Lost fans.

    THIS IS GREAT NEWS!!!!! I don't know about the rest of you but I am ready for some quality TV programming again... and all the Lost they can possibly put together!

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    I'm really missing my DH and Greys!!

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