Wrote cookbook for job.Read and then read next post please.

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    I don't know if I told you guys I wrote one last year for my job. The nursing home I worked at was trying to raise money so I suggested we do a cookbook for the home and include recipes from past and present employees,past and present residents and their families. This was in a period of time when they were being nice to me and told me I could do it. I did all the work and it took me months. I was excited about it. It was supposed to be here before Christmas because most of the people that was gonna purchase wanted them for gifts. If they had done their part like they was supposed to we could have made from 5000-15000. I turned it in on Oct.5th-05 and all the administrator had to do was tell them what info she wanted inside about the home itself.

    It would have taken about an hour. But she wouldn't do it. I ask and ask if there was anything else I could do to help and they would say no or give me no answer. So I let it go cause it was stressing me so much and alot of the others knew it and noone could understand what their problem was.

    As soon as I turned all the paper work over to them they told me they wanted the password to the website where I had done all the work. They locked me out of it.They wouldn't talk to me about anything and went back to being hateful to me and treated me like **** till the day I was fired. Even took a raise from me. When the publishing com. sent it to be reviewed you have 3 days to do it and get it back. They wouldn't let me do it, since I'd done the typing I figured I would catch any mistakes either I made or they made. When we finally got them they wouldn't tell me anything. I offered to help with advertising and everything. When I bought mine,wouldn't even give me one,the company made a mistake and printed one page 4 times and there was a few misspelled words. I could have seen that. I didn't say anything about it and never ask any more ??.

    The girls I worked with kept telling me to let it go and not to do anything for them again. Well I learned my lesson. Only thing I'm a little happy about is the fact that I won the unemployment cause she knew I didn't do anything wrong.

    I told you this because I've done it now and wouldn't mind doing it again for profit. This leads to my next post about the profit part. Could use your input. Sorry so long.

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