Wry Bread Recipe

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  1. victoria

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    Sorry this isn't a banana bread recipe for Fight,
    but thought some of you might want to try this:

    Wry Bread Recipe

    2 packages of active dry wit
    4 T of thick, dark humor
    ½ T of chagrin
    ¼ C of irony
    2 C of mockery
    5 C of wry
    1 ½ C lukewarm reception
    2 T of “I can’t believe I’m not bitter” butter
    A dash of compassion for taste
    A pinch of salt

    For the sauce:

    I cup granulated glee
    ½ cup of “I still can’t believe I’m not bitter” butter
    1 gollywhopper egg, beaten
    2 tsp pure sardonic extract
    ¼ cup good spirits

    Directions for the bread:

    Dissolve dry wit into a lukewarm reception. Slowly add 2 tablespoons of “I can’t believe I’m not bitter” butter. Allow the pressure to build until the mixture produces a slow burn.

    In another bowl, add wry, chagrin and 1 cup of mockery. Stir with a savvy spoon. Combine ingredients until it looks like dough, then add irony.

    Punch dough out of kindness until good and needy. Gently press down until mean spirit is released. If dough sticks to hands, add compassion.

    Cover dough with remaining cup of mockery and a pinch of salt for good measure. Allow laughter to rise until spirits are lifted. Times may vary depending upon mood.

    Place dough in oven.

    MOST IMPORTANT STEP: Bake until the last laugh.

    Directions for the sauce:

    Combine the granulated glee, “I still can’t believe I’m not bitter” butter, gollywhopper egg and pure sardonic extract in a saucy pan over medium heat. Stir until the glee vanishes. Mix with good spirits, and pour over wry bread.

    Serve slightly surly....

  2. fight4acure

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    Butterflydream started a Simple Eats.

    This could be called the bread recipe thread!

    Okay, I'll add what I'm using so far for banana bread...


    I haven't made it yet, but will when I get awake enough.

    Fight :)
  3. fight4acure

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    I just read your recipe, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!

    Ha ha ha ha ha!


    I was wondering if Lukewarm reception was a new ingredient I haven't heard of yet, LOL!

    It's funny how the above ingredients didn't tip me off, LOL!


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  4. jole

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    But I don't think I can do that many ingredients at once :) Heck, I have trouble with finding an ingredient called "awake"!!

    Yep, ya can tell our minds aren't as sharp as they should be, Fight...I was reading awhile too before it dawned on me it wasn't for real....lol...I thought she must have spelled Wry wrong!!!
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  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I thought at first the spelling was wrong too when I first read the subject line. Had to go peak !!

    Thanks Victoria !

    Very cute !!

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  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    for the recipe, Victoria.

    I gave it a try. I musta done something wrong.
    Came out all twisted.


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