X Chromosone ?

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    you'll get fed up with me on here soon !!
    Heard article on radio regarding new study due to human genome info that women have y and 1 Xtype chromo however, initially women have 2 Xtype chromo but one is 'switched off 'when the sex is determined in the womb. Each chromo carrys a percentage of your genes.
    they have found that its not always the same x chromo switched off, seems random,in women which is why some 'twins' are not identical.
    BUT they have found that women with certain problems, ie MS,
    poss lupus and some related illness ( didn't mention fms specifically )all have the same x chromo with the other switched off !.This apparently can affect how the body fights / repairs cells and allows poss viral infections to go undetected.
    i know this doesn't mean cures all round, just that they are now looking at which genomes could be responsible and that with luck they can determine if its due to a gene not being ' switched on ' or if it should be ' switched off'.
    Any one else heard of this, its in the UK.
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    Hadn't heard this. But then news on anything worth noting has to be broadcast on the days my brain will play ball.

    I find it interesting though.

    Years ago a neurologist who was excellent on ME said he could tell through a special blood test whether patients were prone to ME and MS. Perhaps he found some kind of marker related to the gene.

    He used this to back up patient's diagnoses.


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    Never ever get fed up hearing from anyone on here, this is facinating.
    I`m in the UK, and missed that piece of news.

    Sounds very plausable, I always believe in getting to the grass roots with things, and you can`t go any further back than that...

    I`ll try doing some research on this - off to trundle the web.

    Thanks again,

  4. nigelmchale

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    thanks for feedback, interesting bit from Tansy about the Doc who could tell by blood / gene.
    Pat is the one who keeps getting me curious about poss fundemental reasons. How'd you get on with blood types?
    would be interesting one day to try to match all the different possibilities across the board and see if there is any correlation but a big task, lol.
    The bit I heard was Radio 4 so was quite mainstream, i'm trying to contact themfor more info / details.
    Anyway, Cheers for reply, will see if any other theories arise.
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    I never get tired of reading about new research. I love the gene projects in particular.

    Thanks again,