xanax in the daytime

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  1. I am having panic attacks.My doctor put me on xanax short term to help.My problem is I dont want to fall asleep.He gave me .05 so if I take half of that,will it make me tired? I need relief and don't want to wait till I go to sleep at night. Ruthie
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    I have taken a half of a xanax and it does not make me sleepy. Of course it takes several knocks on the head for me to sleep due to bad insomnia
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    Taken during the daytime does not make me sleepy, just more relaxed. I take it at nighttime also to slow down my racing brain so I can go to sleep...it in itself does not cause me to sleep.

    I hope it works for you. I would probably just start with 1/2 tab at first to see how it will affect you though, since we are all different. ****Jole****
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    I had a counselor suggest "nibbles" of xanax for anxiety. I know they are different (calmer) than panic attacks but you might get it a try. For me it ends up being about .05 xanax. I take a .5, break it in half and then just have a nibble of one of the corners. I use it for sensory overload too.

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    I have been on xanax for years. I take it during the day and it doesn't make me sleepy, in fact it seems to give me a little energy.

    I would try half and see what happens and if that is to much the try a quarter of it.

    My prescription calls for .05 three times a day but I take half , the first thing I do of the morning is have half of a xanax.

    Xanax is great for panic and I had no side effects its the only drug that has worked for me without side effects.

    If a half isn't enough then take the whole pill. Don't do like I did, I was afraid to take them and spent many a miserable day. Guess I will be on them the rest of my life.

    Good Luck,
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    I have taken this drug off and on for years for what Spacee described so well as "sensory overload". That descibes me so well. My mind will race, my heart will race, and it feels like my eyes want to move too freely.

    I just nibble on a 1mg as I need it. I take a whole one at night or my mind won't shut down and I can't sleep for that and the pain.

    If I am having a full blown panic attack in the daytime, I will take 1/2 a pill then and stop it in it's track.

    Thank goodness for the little blue pill.

  7. Thanks everyone. I have always suffered like this,even as a child. About 1 month ago my dog died,{wrote about in on here}and things with my 26 yr old son and his drinking has been going on. Ruthie
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    I find xanax to be a very good medication for daytime anxiety. It makes me a little "mellow", but not sleepy. I tried Klonopin during the day, and that knocked me on my butt! LOL. I can only take that at night.

    I would start with 0.25 to see how it will make you feel. You might find that's all you need, and it's always best to take the lowest dose of something you can get away with.
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    I have used Xanax for a long time. The dose has varied.

    I want to speak to the issue of addiction. I am dependent on Xanax. Sometimes I forget to take it. Some times I need the maximum dose (.5 four times a day.) But, I have never wanted to increase the dose. I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder and take it like a diabetic would insulin.

    It does not make me sleepy, although I use it at bedtime. If it makes you very sleepy, you probably do not need it --anxiety, if anything, wakes you up too much.

    If you find that Xanax is needed more often than every four hours, you might ask for klonopin. It works the same way but has a longer half life.

    These are issues, however, that you really need to talk to your prescriber or druggist about.

    Xanax helps my FMS too as it keeps my neck muscles from going into spasm.

    Good luck. And, shall we say: "don't worry".

    Also, listen to Livvy: a therapist is very helpful in mimimizing the need for any anxiety drugs.
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    Hi , I have been on xanax for many years for anxiety/panic disorder and have had very good results with it. I started out several years ago with rather high dose but have gadually decreased it only taking 1/4 tablet .o5 mg throughout the day maybe two to three times per day but have it ordered for much more,also can take a whole tablet at bedtime if needed. This is the only medication i have taken without any side effects other than making me feel more normal , less stressed and now no panic attacks causing me to run to ER.I dont have that fear or doom and gloom feeling, doesnt make me sleepy and helps me with the racing heart. makes my life much more bearable. I will probabely always be on it to prevent anxiety/panic from ruling my life,and they were. But thats just me. Hope you get relief from it. Blessings
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    I just loved the terminology of nibbling on a 1 mg tablet of Xanax throughout the day-- all I could think about is a rabbit with a carrot in its paws...thanks for the giggle
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    I hate to say it, but no one else can really tell you if the medication will make YOU sleepy during the daytime. Take it on a day that it doesn't matter to check it out.
    Xanax, even a half of one knocks me out! Obviously others it doesn't.
    My girlfriend can take 1 mg of Klonopin and not sleep, I take .5 and am out. Everyone is different.