xanax is helping with my pain.

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  1. WHy is this helping my pain? I don't understand. Has anyone else noticed this helping fibro/arthritis pain? Ruthie
  2. hensue

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    I have been taking it for years i can be hurting and it helps a lot. They are both about the same thing. It doesnt completly take it away. Keeps me from going in the river.
  3. Rafiki

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    This would also explain why it "blocks" panic and does not simply calm one. The mammalian brain is not running amok.

    I don't have pain as a really problematic symptom. Perhaps because I've taken Xanax for more than 20 years. Who knows.

    I also had a long remission which coincided with my being prescribed Xanax for Panic Disorder. I always believed my panic attacks were a type of seizure. I take far less now than I did then. I wonder if Xanax is the way back to a remission.

    Interesting conversation you started, Ruthie.



  4. star273

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    Xanax is the one thing that makes the pain better. I have panic disorder also. That was the reason I started taking it in the first place. I dont like to take it though because it makes me more tired then I already am. It doesnt completly take away the pain, but it takes that edge off so I can stand it.
  5. Shirl

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    Xanax will help the FM pain, if I have a bad flare, I will take an Advil gel capsule with a small amount of Xanax, and it will really help.

    Xanax is also very good for IBS pain, it will relieve it in about 20 minutes if you put the Xanax under the tongue to desolve. It relaxes the muscles in the stomach as well as the whole body.

    It is also good for insomnia, along with ZMA (Zinc, Magnesium, and vitamin B-6), the ZMA can be bought here at Pro Health.

    Have been taking Xanax now off and on for about 22 years. Sometimes it hard to get the doctors to prescribe it, but they will for anxiety, panic attacks and the IBS now.

    Yes, it will make you tired if you take it too often.

    Hope this helps a little.

    Shalom, Shirl