Xanax to Gaba?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Applyn59, May 3, 2003.

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    I am currently taking .50 of Xanax nightly for anxiety
    and sleep. I want to try taking Gaba and was wondering if there is a certain protocol to follow?
    Can I take 750mg of Gaba at the same time as
    the Xanax or should I start at a smaller dosage of
    Gaba and or xanax? I want to buy some gaba but
    don't know which dosage I should start with.
    Unfortunately, I can't buy it here because I need
    capsule form.

    Also, I know there has been discussion of xanax withdrawal, etc when getting off. Is this only if you take it around the clock or just nightly, too?

    Wish I could ask my dr. but, I, unfortunately, believe that I know more than he does on many issues!

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    Everything I have read suggests that this supplement is pretty much useless because it does NOT cross the blood brain barrier and therefore, unlike a benzodiazapene, will not increase the amount of the neurotransmitter GABA available in the brain.
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    Hi There, I don't know anything about the Gaba but unless you are having to take an abusive amount of Zanax to get relief I don't think you are in any kind of harms way. Of course, I am like you also, in that if we can replace these drugs with something natuaral of course it would be a better way to go. But, I also hate these 'natural' remedies that just flat don't owrk but get used because the are 'natural'. I have been taking Zanax off and on since '94' but sometimes I don't have to take any and then I go thru bad times where I take more than I should but once I get thru it I have no problem with not using it. Anyway, I just wanted to give you some food for thought, I know we are all diferemt. Good Luck to you and hope you get some relief. HUGS......Pam2
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    Anyone taking Xanax at the same time every day for more than a couple of weeks can go through withdrawl when stopping...it depends upon your genetics how bad it will be. A dose of .50 mg. every night should be lowered by no more than 1/4 tablet per week. Slower is safer.
    I take the maximum dose of GABA,which is 750 mgs. am and 750 mgs. pm,and it does help. You need to take a lot to get a little help, because of he blood brain problem, but you will get some. It is known as the "chill pill" in alt. medicine because of it's calming effect. One person here I recommended it to, says it is helping her sleep through the night all by itself (she does not take drugs).
    I have to take both Xanax and GABA and Benadryl and Phenergan and Magnesium and then pray to get some sleep, but the GABA has helped me to keep from increasing the Xanax dosage. I now take about 1/3 less per day than I did 18 yrs. ago when I first took it.
    The starting dose should be 500 mgs. at bedtime. For some folks ,that is plenty.
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    Thanks for all the responses. I, too, have read that
    Gaba doesn't cross the brain barrier, but since there
    are people having success with it I thought I might
    try it.

    I, have been on and off Xanax over the years according to how anxious I am. I never seem to have a problem going off of it. I have been taking .25 to .50 pretty
    steadily for a while though. The past year has been pretty stressful. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, had chemo, got a blood clot, was thought to
    have ovarian cancer and underwent a hysterectomy
    (turned out to be fibroid), had radiation and now has
    lung damage from the radiation. We live together
    and are very close so I needed my xanax to survive.
    I am basically non-functioning. I was okay until
    the ovarian cancer scare and the physical and emotional toll that took is still with me and it
    is one year now. I have many health problems
    besides the FMS, including failed back surgery,
    multiple chemical sensitivity, IBS, degenerative
    disks, polycystic ovarian diseases, arthritis, etc, etc.

    I currently take zanaflex, xanax, zoloft, Norco, Ziac,
    rhinocort. My fms dr. doesn't like xanax and doesn't
    know that I take it every night. I tell him I need it for
    muscle relaxers during the daytime, which is true.
    I know he doesn't like it but without it I wouldn't
    be able to survive. I also don't think .50 is a huge
    dosage and I have taken less and once in a while
    .75. I have tried Klonipin and ambien. Klonipin
    helped for awhile. Ambien is okay but I still need
    xanax and zanaflex and Norco for it to work. I like
    the xanax better than Klonipin. Klonipin seems
    to bother me more.

    Thanks for the advice.