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  1. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Wondering how many of you are still here that take xanax daily. I have had to increase mine, first time in all the years I have been taking them and just need to talk to someone that takes xanax daily.

    I know there were some that did but haven't seen them post lately need to know if I have some xanax friends.

  2. kat0465

    kat0465 New Member

    Hi Gran,
    yes i take xanax,dr put me on it several years ago when she first diagnosed me with fibro/cfids stayed on it for about 4 yrs then weaned myself off. now i have been back on it again for about 5 months.the first time i took it i was on a low dose 3 times a day. i started having breakthru anxiety so she upped it a little & that helped a lot.my last appt was last week & we talked about xanax caus a cousin of mine gave me some flack about being on it, said it would hurt my Brain! Doc says absolutley NO! no evidence of that, and as long as it works for me and she knows i take it like im supposed to she has no prob with prescribing it. She says if it helps my Quality of life and its not hurting me then why not? i agree!!! when i got off of it before, i got off all my meds, cause i felt like i didnt need it anymore, andi did really well for a long time! but 2 hurricanes, an almost divorce, problems with children,and getting really sicker. i felt like i needed something. and thats what she prescribed again.
    Having to up them is pretty common,you body gets used to the same dose.But like Doc said, if your better with them, then why not. i take .25 mg 3x a day. some days are different tho, i might just take one or two or all 3 depending on how im feeling. don't worry about the xanax, if you trust your Dr. and have a good relationship with them, they will do what they can to help us thru this DD, we need all the help we can get........ It's a hard road to travel
    {{Hugs}} Kat
  3. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    GG, you have been taking a tiny dose, if I remember correctly.

    In the 20 years I've been taking it I've gone up and down again many times in response to changing needs, stressors, coping techniques.

    My dose has varied from 1 to 3mg per day and back again many, many times. I've never had much trouble tapering down but must use something else to sleep when I do.

    I really don't think you need worry. And, since it's out of your system very quickly, you will know how it effects you right away.

    I really don't think you need to worry at all!

    Peace out, GG,

  4. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    I'm so happy that you have such a wonderful and caring dr. Most of us have to fight for meds and your dr. truly understands compassion.

    I hope all the turmoil in your life has settled down.

  5. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    So glad to see you all are still here.

    Kat, thanks for your info, sorry you are back on the meds but if it works thats great. You are on a small dose. I was once on them and had no trouble stopping. That was before CFS since then my anxiety is so different and at times goes thru the roof. I was taking .25 three to four times a day not I am up to .05 three times but break them in half and space them out. Then if I need more I have them.

    Rafiki, so glad you are here with me ..You have been such a blessing and help. I feel you truly understand how good the drug is . I feel like I am having a complete breakdown, since I can't take AD's I am going to up till I get to leaving the house again and stop this darn crying. My anxiety is with me 24/7 lately and especially early morning hours I awake with the panic, off balance scared feeling haven't done that in a long while until about 3 months ago.

    Monica, thanks so much guess you also understand this misery.

    God Bless,
  6. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    I knew you were on a really tiny dose.

    ME causes anxiety and panic in so many of us. Xanax, in sufficient doses, blocks panic and really eases anxiety. I suspect the will prove to be other ways in which it is helpful in ME treatment. It helps us. There is no benefit in being undermedicated.

    I hope you feel better very soon. I think you and your doctor are making good decisions as to how to help you feel better.

    You might also look at some breathing exercises which can really help.

    And, do remember, I have taken more than twice your increased dose at various times in the past. You are still on a very low dose.

    Feel better just as soon as you are able!
  7. greeneyeslk

    greeneyeslk New Member

    I wouldn't worry about increasing your dose as long as your doctor is on board with you.

    I am one of those that haven't been on the board in awhile. I have taken Xanax on a daily basis now for 3 years. I started with about .75 per day and have been up to 1.5 for the past 1 1/2 years. I take 1 mg. Xanax XR when I wake up in the morning. The XR is a slow release/long acting version. I then end up taking a .5 in the afternoon and a .5 at bedtime of the regular fast release. This regimen has worked well for me for the past 1 1/2 years. I believe that taking the XR helps my panic attacks as it is slow releasing all day. There are three strengths of the XR available .5, 1 and 2mg. I really don't like being dependant on it, but it allows me to have a better life. I also have not been able to tolerate the various anti-depressants that have been prescribed to me. My goal is to not have to ever go over 2 mg. per day as I think that the more you are taking would make it more difficult to wean off. I hope to not have to wean off it. I did start seeing a counselor about 6 months ago and she is helping be with congnitive therapy and breathing exercises as my goal is not to increase my Xanax any further if possible. My doctor is fine with me taking it and she says that if I need to increase it a bit that is fine. I think that people are just too worried about this drug. My question is why aren't they worried about all of the long-term side effects from these new anti-dressants. Xanax has been around for years without side effects if people use is correctly under a doctor's supervision.
  8. natrlvr2

    natrlvr2 New Member

    I have been off/on xanax for years. In between I tried all different kinds of anti-anxiety meds. and NONE worked at all. The Dr. finally realized I needed to just keep xanax. I used to take a much higher dose when I was married(tell you something?LOL!). I now just take 1 1/2 a day.(.5mgs.)I used to take 1 mg. 3 times a day.
  9. stinker56

    stinker56 New Member

    I have been on/off xanax for many years now and never have had any problem with it.

    I usually take 1mg at bedtime to let my mind slow down and I can go to sleep. I do this during the week because I still work full time.

    On the weekend, I take Ambien for sleep because I feel a little hung over after taking it.

    I don't take xanax on a regular doseage during the day but if I feel anxious, I nibble on it until I can manage whatever is going on.

    My doctor has never had any problem with me using it and in fact, encourages me to use more than I do.

    Hope it helps you like it does for me.

  10. gongee

    gongee New Member

    I too take Xanax. It took me a good long while (years wasted I now say) with the help of a wonderful patient doctor for me to get up to the dose I am on now which is 3.75 mg per day divided into 5 small doses. My doctor would like to get me up to 4 mg total, then try the extended release again if I choose to. I have seen a big difference by upping my dose, so I know she is right. I just fought taking this med for years and why I don't know except that it has a bad reputation. I can't argue that I am not physical dependent on this med, but I am not addicted.

    The way my doctor, as well as another friend that took it for years, put it was like this. If you ever can reach the optimal dose you need to control the anxiety and panic, eventually you stop thinking about the anxiety/panic, which leads to forgetting to take the xanax at scheduled times, which is when the doctor said is the time to decide if you want to start tapering down. My friend said that was the exact way things went for her and now she takes nothing. I pray that I will get to that point also, but if not, I would rather take this med and enjoy a better quality of life, than live the life I was.

    Take care everyone,
  11. 2sic2mooov

    2sic2mooov New Member

    Many years ago I took xanax for anxiety/panic and I got a bit anxious ABOUT taking it because a nurse in my HMO said it was highly addictive. I took myself off and for me it was difficult because I think I was emotionally "addicted" to it. The fear of going it alone ruled my life.
    When this disease hit, my anxiety went through the roof dealing with fear of what was happening to me medically, financially, loss of job, loss of hobbies what life used to mean to me. My doc put me on Lorazepam and i find it not nearly as useful as the xanax seemed to work. I now have severe panic attacks and am unable to drive most days because of the fear they cause. Another nurse in my HMO admonished me when she saw I was taking sleeping meds and also Lorazepam daily and she said these drugs are never to be used on a continuous basis. my doc was really ticked and said straight out that my body needed these medications just like anyone with other disease in order to treat symptoms and control the illness. He said something about my autonomic nervous system (which I believe directs your 'fight or flight' resonse) and how it will help keep in in check. If you see in news now, there is a correlation between those with anxiety and panic disorder eventually having heart conditions. Taking medication such as xanax is nothing so different as someone having to regulate their blood sugar with insulin. I have so many times tried to tough out my anxiety without meds and failed miserably. My doc has discussed the insurmountable energy used by the body when anxiety hits you this hard. I have NO energy to waste on this or dealing with the extreme anxiety pain brings most of us. I used xanax for years in the 80's when I was a young mother dealing with marriage and family issues and many back surgeries/pain. I don't feel there is any risidual damage to my brain (went back to school at age 30 with 3 kids in tow and got straight A's). Now, with this disease, I have lost a lot of cognitive ability, but that is not caused by medicaiton use...it is caused by loss of sleep, the anxiety problems itself, and the damage the disease itself has caused. Considering I have had several slight remission periods in the last 7 years when that brain power has "returned" )well except for the fact that now am perimenopausal and getting closer to 50 when peanut-butter brain can hit anyone, I do not believe these antianxiety meds have damaging effects. If it gets me through the day and at the end I feel like I not only merely survived, but thrived and had some happy moments...then it is successful. Don't let others around you dictate your medical tx. If you trust your doc and what is suggested for tx seems to be working for YOU, then let it be. Sorry if I seem to be preaching, but this is a touchy subject considering several members of medical staff stuck their noses in where they shoudn't have and caused me even more anguish where it was not necessary.
    Good luck with the xanax. IMO it is a good medication for anxiety.
  12. CFS1992

    CFS1992 New Member

    Hi Greatgran,
    I have had CFS since 1992, and am 58 years old. Not even a grandma yet, but will be next month! I have taken xanax since 1992, and started on a .25mg for sleeping at nighttime. As my body got used to the .25, and it didn't help any longer, I would ask for a .50. Later, a .75, and then a 1.0 mg. Recently, I started seeing a naturopathic physician, and he gave me a supplement that is referred to as "natural xanax". I don't know if it is sold by ProHealth, so I may not be able to mention the name. Anyway, I was able to reduce my xanax by 1/2 (now taking .5mg). I had horrible withdrawal symptoms from cutting back on this, as my body was very used to it after all these years. Now, for sleep, I take .5mg xanax, 1 of the natural xanax, and 10mg melatonin (the naturopathic doc says it is safe to take up to 20mg melatonin per day). I am getting to sleep well with this regimen, and am dreaming, which means I am getting to Stage 4 sleep. I don't wake up as groggy as I was when taking the 1.0 mg xanax. It does sound like you are taking an extremely small dose, so I doubt if it could be too bad for your system. I'm pleased to be down to half the dose! Maybe if you search on "natural xanax" you will find this alternative to the real xanax. Best wishes!
  13. lukelinnmark

    lukelinnmark New Member

    I was on xanax for a long time,for my panic attacks/agoraphobia and didn't no I had fm,I took 1mg. xanax 3x daily.Now I'm on klonopin 1mg. 3x daily because it stays in your system longer and helps with fibro. its in the same drug faimly and you won't have any with draw if you swich.talk to your doctor about it.best of luck.Mark
  14. Sheila1366

    Sheila1366 New Member

    I have 1 mg. pills to take. I can take 3 a day if needed but I always take one at night. I sometimes panic at night due to pain. A combination of xanax and muslce relaxers at night help me with my pain. During the day I have taken 3 a day. Never thought of it helping with pain. I will give it a try today...3 a day. I hope it helps me relax and ease some pain.

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