Xifaxan (Rifamixin) Has anyone tried this ?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia and ME & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome' started by deepak, May 17, 2013.

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    Lately I have been having IBS - My doc has prescribed me 5 days of this ABX called Xifacan.

    Has anyone tried this medicine ?

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    Deepak, there are all forms of IBS I gather...my neighbor is getting good help with peppermint oil drops...

    I don't know this abx and try to avoid them as much as possible...I have to take them now when I see a
    dentist for any work since hip replacement, but I'm finding my teeth are even doing better since on anatabloc....killing inflammation.....How has it done for your mom with the trial? It's hard to tell for many with such a small amount. jam
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    Hi Jam,

    Mom had some nerve pull or something in her hip so she has been taking physiotherapy for that and is now better. I did not want her to start on anatabloc till this resolves as then she would not be able to say if it did make a difference or not, with all the nerve pull pain happening. Will start her in a day or 2.

    Re ABX I also hate to take them and in 40 years of my life had never taken any till all this FM /lyme kind of symptoms started 2 years back- I self treated myself with many things , thanks to the support I got from very helpful people online, such as this board. I am lucky as in India we do not need a Rx to go and buy ABX - i can buy them OTC and medicines here are MUCH cheaper than in USA as the govt subsidises them big time. Just recently Novartis lost a case in India's highest court and the govt slashed the price of one of its cancer drugs by 1/10 th !!!

    I have been taking this colloidal silver called ACS 200. Have got good reports about it and I will try it for a few days and see - if it helps I will not take the ABX.

    How much D3 are you taking everyday. You might want to also look into Vitamin K2. These 2 combined - do some "price activator" thing which is supposed to be very beneficial and reduces artery calcifications. I am giving my parents the Thorne products Vitamin k2 5 mg a day and D3 1000 IU a day.