Xifaxan (Rifamixin) Has anyone tried this ?

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    Lately I have been having IBS - My doc has prescribed me 5 days of this ABX called Xifacan.

    Has anyone tried this medicine ?

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    Hi Jam,

    Mom had some nerve pull or something in her hip so she has been taking physiotherapy for that and is now better. I did not want her to start on anatabloc till this resolves as then she would not be able to say if it did make a difference or not, with all the nerve pull pain happening. Will start her in a day or 2.

    Re ABX I also hate to take them and in 40 years of my life had never taken any till all this FM /lyme kind of symptoms started 2 years back- I self treated myself with many things , thanks to the support I got from very helpful people online, such as this board. I am lucky as in India we do not need a Rx to go and buy ABX - i can buy them OTC and medicines here are MUCH cheaper than in USA as the govt subsidises them big time. Just recently Novartis lost a case in India's highest court and the govt slashed the price of one of its cancer drugs by 1/10 th !!!

    I have been taking this colloidal silver called ACS 200. Have got good reports about it and I will try it for a few days and see - if it helps I will not take the ABX.

    How much D3 are you taking everyday. You might want to also look into Vitamin K2. These 2 combined - do some "price activator" thing which is supposed to be very beneficial and reduces artery calcifications. I am giving my parents the Thorne products Vitamin k2 5 mg a day and D3 1000 IU a day.