XMRV’s Big Test Has Begun: The Fed Study Ramps Up

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    Six labs will be involved – the Whittemore Peterson Institute, National Cancer Institute, the FDA, the CDC and two others (not mentioned in the article.)

    They’ll be doing all the things that haven’t been done thus far; in the first phase they’re sharing samples amongst themselves to determine which tests are the most sensitive and reliable. Rather excitingly, the WSJ reports that that phase will be done in just a few weeks.

    While they’re doing that they’ll also be testing about 350 samples of different types; some will be from CFS patients who’ve have tested positve for XMRV, other samples will be spiked with XMRV and others will be from healthy controls.

    A Critical Factor: Importantly all the samples will be blinded; that is, the the codes will be held at a central location while the different labs determine which samples they think are XMRV positive. The codes will be broken and the lab that has the most accurate results ‘wins’ (or its test does). Blinding is the most critical test to pass in this process; the first retroviral discovery in CFS lost its way when the rigors of ‘blinding’ were introduced.

    The third phase – if XMRV shows up then the group will start going through frozen blood samples from years past trying to figure out when XMRV entered the blood supply, what it’s done to people, etc.

    ...There should be no worries about ‘researcher bias’. Two ‘friendly’ labs, the WPI and the National Cancer Institute are involved. Patients who already tested positive for XMRV are included. The makeup of the rest of the CFS patients is not the critical factor here. The critical factor is the ability of the labs to pick out the XMRV positive patients – even if there were only a few of them. Once that is done researchers can look for XMRV in all different kinds of patients. Right now the goal is to find it in a blinded test environment.


    this will be interesting!
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    finally, some movement.

    Thanks for posting this Victoria.
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    Thanks Vic.

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    Thanks for posting. That is sooooo good news and we all can use some good news!

    Years of fighting with this disease and the consequences of being labeled CFS, has worn me out
    And left me with little trust in the medical establishment.....


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