xmrv - if its like hiv and aids then co infecting virus's are crucial

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    So in HIV and aids its co infecting virus's that are a big problem.
    Perhaps thats the difference between people who get better from mono and those who don't for eg. if you have xmrv and you get mono or visa versa then you come down full scale with both as in aids and hiv co infections?????

    we know that there are herpes virus's of varying types found and according to the full article these are questioned to be activated due to an underlying immune deficiency. and natural killer deficiency

    to treat the co infecting entrovirus's and virus's by supporting the body and treating them is how we do it now

    But what i think judy is looking at is immune system drugs already used in cancer and being in trial now. perhaps xmrv lowers the immune system so these virus's and entrovirus's thrive or awaken

    What does everyone else think????

    I know this is a strain on the brain with so much information coming out but any thoghts are interesting

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