XMRV.. is it related to Fibro?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sweetbeatlvr, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. sweetbeatlvr

    sweetbeatlvr New Member

    i'm a little confused with all the new info on Xrmv.

    i definately see that it is related to CFS, but is it thought to be a cause of Fibromyalgia too?

    in the beginning of my quest to find out what was wrong with me, my titres to EBV and CMV were extremely high. my first diagnosis was chronic mono. eventually i was diagnosed with FMS though.

    just curious if this may be something i should be excited about for me?
  2. PoodlesMom

    PoodlesMom New Member

    I read in one of the articles that it is a strong possibility that it is related to FM also.

    If I come across the article again I'll let you know.

    Sorry if this is not the proper way of answering. This is my first time.

    All the best.

  3. UsedtobePerkyTina

    UsedtobePerkyTina New Member

    A small number of FM were also seen to have higher rate of XMRV than healthy controls.

    But, you need to know that many people likely carry the FM diagnosis but may have CFS or both CFS and FM.

    Doctors are much more apt to diagnose FM than CFS. And they both have very similar symptoms.

  4. PoodlesMom

    PoodlesMom New Member

    That's what happened in my case, as well. For years it was FM and I
    was seeing DR St. Amand and Stanford. Then when I kept getting
    worse my own GP started with all the tests and came up with the
    Epstein Barr, Candidas Albicans, very low Natural Killer cells, etc...my
    immune system is out of whack, thyroid problems, low body temp. It
    keeps on and on. I know the difference in FM and CFS because I have
    both. Neither one are fun at all. I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

  5. Cinderbug

    Cinderbug New Member

    you should check out the Whittemore Peterson Institute's web site. I did see some info on there that they believe Fibro to also be connected to XMRV

  6. lvjesus

    lvjesus Member

    If you google it there is some stuff on About.com that I read saying that a large percentage (90 something I think) of people with FM tested positive for the retrovirus. It also says that the retrovirus is passed in bodily fluids, like HIV, which makes me wonder, if this IS the cause how come all of our spouses and children do not have what we have?

    Another thought I had was about giving blood. When I got diagnosed I was regularly giving blood but stopped even though the blood bank people said I was okay to give. Well, if no one knows what causes FM (and CFS), how do they know it is safe to give blood??
  7. UsedtobePerkyTina

    UsedtobePerkyTina New Member

    Some are discouraging, strongly, us from giving blood.

    The occurrence in FM patients was 12 in 20. That is a small group, but it is enough to see if more research is needed. And based on that, more research into FM patients is called for.

    Mikovitz said four things could "turn on" the virus: cortisol (from stress), androgens, a virus or vaccine.

  8. lvjesus

    lvjesus Member

    That makes perfect sense to me. There are other things that people have and they don't get the disease or whatever, but are carriers and give it to their children.
  9. mrlondon

    mrlondon Member

    One of the effects from XMRV supposedly is reduced Natural Killer cell activity and number, which has been shown to exist in several CFS studies. However, I have yet to find a similar study in fibromyalgia. In fact, the only study that I found which tested for NK activity in fibromyalgia, found no decrease in levels compared to controls. Also, studies have shown higher levels of common viruses, i.e. HHV-6 and EBV in CFS, but few similar studies exist for fibromyalgia. Additionally, the RNASE-L antiviral function is found in CFS but not fibromyalgia. Perhaps XMRV could be a trigger for fibromyalgia (like an streeful event might be), but unlike CFS, IMHO, I don't think it the cause. But I could be wrong! :) - Mark

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