XMRV is key - not other viruses

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    From Phoenix Rising - Cort Johnson's

    XMRV Buzz Page


    "THE Key Virus? - Reports are that the WPI has tested hundreds of viruses and found that none of them, not HHV6, EBV, CMV or the others, is associated with more than 10% of CFS patients. Only one virus - XMRV, has thus far, has been found by the WPI in the majority of patients. This, of course, suggests that if their finding is right then XMRV is the key player and that it contributes to different opportunistic infections in different people (like that other famous retrovirus, HIV). Annette Whittemore, by the way, is reportedly very confident that the next slew of studies will start to validate the WPI's findings. "

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