xmrv, low dose naltrexone

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  1. heapsreal

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    After reading about this new retrovirus, it seems to affect natural killer cells. I have googled looking for something that can increase NK cells. Low dose naltrexone appears to increase NK cells. Has anyone had any experience with LDN and had improvements in blood test immune profiles.
  2. mbofov

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    It appears to have minimal side effects.

    Jam - you will have to let us know you do with this!

  3. hensue

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    There is a site where a lot of fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue people are on it.
    I called my internest he said if I went on it he would have nothing to do with it since it is not fda approved.
    That sucked called the Dr dont remember his name in NY he would give it to me for a hefty price. Said it had to be compounded just right.

    I just cannot imagine if I cannot take anything for pain what would I do?

    The treatment of xmrv will not respond to the same aids drugs from what I understand.
    I hope someone goes on it I am afraid of the part when you get on it and cannot sleep.

    I would love to follow someone on this board with fibromyalgia that starts taking it.
    Later hensue
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    yes, there are folks with cfs having good result with LDN. they are on another message board, and i don't think i'm allowed to post other message boards here, am i?

    i also think there is a yahoo group for ldn.
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