XMRV not detected in Dutch study

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    …the peripheral blood mononuclear cells [used in the US study] were derived from patients from the outbreak of chronic fatigue syndrome at Incline village at the northern border of Lake Tahoe, United States (1984-5). This outbreak has long been thought to have been caused by a viral infection and has been associated with a number of viruses, most notably Epstein-Barr virus and human herpes virus but firm evidence for a role of viruses in this particular outbreak has never been provided. It is possible that the study of Lombardi et al has unravelled the viral cause of the chronic fatigue syndrome outbreak, but it seems unlikely that their study demonstrates a viral association for sporadic chronic fatigue syndrome cases, such as those we tested, or represents the majority of patients. Studies of XMRV in sporadic chronic fatigue syndrome cases from the United States would be of great interest.

    For the complete article go to: http://www.virology.ws/
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    read the comments at:


    one points out why they didn't...

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