XMRV one thing to still consider

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  1. winsomme

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    i've read several places that this retrovirus XMRV should be controllable by our immune system - unlike, for instance, HIV.

    So couldn't XMRV showing up in our systems be a result of a malfunctioning immune system and not necessarily the cause?

    This could be a good thing IMO. Finding XMRV could legitimize CFS as an illness, but not sentence us with retrovirus that requires lifelong antiretroviral therapy like HIV...

    just some initial thoughts.
  2. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member

    Good thinking winsomme. I think that is very likely.

    XMRV is explained as: "Retroviruses are not traditionally airborne viruses. However, since XMRV is a blood borne retrovirus, it may be possible to transmit through sexual contact, sharing needles, blood transfusions, and breastfeeding. Sharing household items like toothbrushes, razors, or items that come into contact with blood is not recommended as a precautionary measure."

    But So many families came down with CFS at once after getting the flu or mono. There's got to be an airborne trigger I would think. [This Message was Edited on 10/08/2009]
  3. onset1990

    onset1990 Member

    That's what I was hoping, that if XMRV isn't the cause, it's allowing whatever is the cause to harm us (because XMRV damages our immune system). That way, like someone else had brought up, working to fix the immunological response could stop CFS from being activated, or put its gears in neutral. I just hope someone knows how to fix what's out of kilter in the immune response.
  4. simpsons

    simpsons Member

    hi just what i.ve read that likens it to hiv and aids you can have hiv but not have aids until it developes. so i guess you could have the retro virus in your system and get flu or other illness chemical assault etc and this could lower your immune system to allow it to kick in

    there are the five percent who may have other causes or thetheir virus is not active at the moment
    the natural news is link is very good it says that they have taken some is it 300 other samples from uk and its showing the same results though this is not an published study as of yet

    funny cause i remember that lucemia was found to be in the most numbers in the country where there are obviously field mice in great numbers
  5. wrthster

    wrthster New Member

    Does anyone know what lab/labs test to see if we have this virus?
  6. skeptik2

    skeptik2 Member

    I believe I read somewhere in the 38 emails I just got that the
    WPI is inviting patients to be tested...

    Maybe someone here can confirm that?

  7. dannybex

    dannybex Member

    "So couldn't XMRV showing up in our systems be a result of a malfunctioning immune system and not necessarily the cause?"

    Exactly. And as others have stated, while it could be part of the the problem, IMO it's likely there are many other factors (environmental, chemical, heavy metals) that are involved that weaken the immune system...or cause it to be 'dysfunctional'.
  8. Slayadragon

    Slayadragon New Member

    >But So many families came down with CFS at once after getting the flu or mono. There's got to be an airborne trigger I would think.

    Families generally live in the same house.

    Insofar as mold toxicity is a factor in this disease (e.g. helping to cause the immune system deficits that would allow the virus to take hold), it would make sense that a number of family members might get it.

  9. LadyCarol

    LadyCarol Member

    If XMRV is already in the blood of each family member then if each member caught the same type of flu then CFS could result due to their immune systems already being compromised. It's like a ticking time bomb of which illness is going to trigger CFS.

    Hence, XMRV would not be transmitted by air from one person to another as it was already resident as a result of being passed on from one or both parents to their offspring.
  10. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member


    That makes so much sense. I wouldn't be at all surprised if that is the case.

    Simpsons, your explanation of HIV makes sense to me as well.
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  11. UsedtobePerkyTina

    UsedtobePerkyTina New Member

    Well, I am understanding it differently. Correct me if the following is incorrect:

    Person gets virus
    Virus is active immediately
    Person appears well
    Eventually virus replicates so much that immune system can't catch up
    Person still appears well but if tested would have T cells below a certain level which is classified as AIDS
    Secondary illness makes person sick and immune system has been devastated by HIV that body can't kill the secondary illness

    Person gets virus
    Person appears well
    Virus lays dormant, not active (many may remain in this state for the rest of their lives)
    Something "turns on" the virus, such as high stress which ups the cortisol, hormone changes, or another virus or vaccine that turns on the immune system where the virus has been waiting
    Once activated, the virus replicates rapidly devastating Natural Killer Cells and T Cells
    Satent viruses take advantage of this weakness, along with yeasts, or anything else, toxins build up and the chain reaction happens causing CFS.

    This explains why people can have sex with each other and one get sick and the other not. One has a trigger (high cortisol, hormone change or virus or vaccination- or combination of two or more) and the other doesn't.

    This explains why women are more likely to get it. And it explains why we are more likely to get it when in perimenopause or in teen years. This is when our hormones are fluctuating.

    This explains why many people say they were fine, caught a flu or mono, and it led into CFS.

    So what I understand as difference between HIV and XMRV is that HIV may be active for years, just not making person sick. And XMRV lays dormant until something turns it on.

  12. UsedtobePerkyTina

    UsedtobePerkyTina New Member

    And, addressing the original thought, I do believe this makes us more hopeful than those with HIV.

    Even now, some people, about 25% gain normal function after having CFS. (I think this stat comes from CFIDS Association) About 50% gain improvement but still have limitations. And another 25% remain severely disabled.

    So even without knowing the virus connection, some people are getting better. Could it be that when the stress is reduced- meaning less cortisol, person rests enough, nutrition, etc. their immune system gains control of the virus. Remember, the testing was not only for the virus, but for antibodies for the virus. That means that our body already has an army to fight it. So it may be just a matter of helping the immune system for a while, and the virus goes dormant again. This may already be happening with a small percentage of us who are getting better. Now, an extra tool may be known that can be used to help the rest of us.

    I think we need to throw a sleep over party to celebrate.

  13. GoWest

    GoWest New Member

    XMRV is going to have to spread in saliva or by ticks to fit the role of being the cause of cfs. There are too many of us with cfs who have no risk factors for a sexually transmitted disease. Also, the fact that doctors, nurses and teachers have the highest incidence of cfs suggests that the cause is not sexually transmitted or through breast milk or placenta to baby.

  14. spacee

    spacee Member

    Incline Village 180 people (mostly medical) over a 2 year period. I totally agree with you. Other outbreaks too.

    My opinion, it is transmitted more easily that "certain" body fluids.

  15. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member

    Paula and Spacee....so both of you are saying there is no way at all that XMRV can be transmitted by vaccines? Is that correct?

    Tina, what you wrote is how I understand it to be too. But I'm open to different possibilities as well.

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