XMRV Possible cause of Fibro/CFS?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by maxtout, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. maxtout

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    Just heard about this "breaking news." I've often wondered if Fibro/CFS was a side effect of vaccines given to Baby Boomers. This just seems to point in that direction, in my opinion. Just like SV-40 virus (Simian Virus-40) has been found in brain tumors of Baby Boomers dying in their early 50's, which was traced back to the Polio vaccines manufactured on the kidneys of monkeys with the virus that was then transferred to humans.

    Now this XMRV....

    •Murine leukemia virus

    Xenotropic= Xeno (Foreign) tropic (growth)
    MURINE = doesn't that have something to with mice?

    Looks like this "YUPPY FLU" which became "mysteriously" rampant in the 1980's along with HIV-AIDs, which was also a "monkey virus" that crossed species, just may be linked to another vaccine...think the FDA will ever fess up? I doubt it. I think the pharmaceutical companies have known all along what causes Fibro and Chronic Fatigue. It's their dirty little secret. AND now with this "break through" in information about XMRV, I'm sure the big pharmaceutical companies will now have a "cure" for "what ails you" for the duration of YOUR life, of course, living with something they possibly infected us with in the first place!
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  2. jasminetee

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    I agree Maxtout. I know I just told you on the other thread that I'm grateful for the WPI for moving this fast so that may seem odd to you but I'm in complete agreement with you about the high possibility that XMRV and CFS came from a vaccine. Everything fits in place surrounding the politics of this illness if that's the case.

    The WPI are the good guys though. As fredt pointed out in another thread here, "You won't hear about vaccines as a possible source from the Whittemore-Peterson Institute. If they dared to question vaccines, their funding could be revoked, their new Institute could be shut down, and their medical licenses suspended by the AMA, forcing them to cease all research and find other careers."
  3. maxtout

    maxtout New Member

    Doesn't that make you angry, teejay, that in the USA, the truth now days is being categorized as "TREASON?" What has happened to us as a nation? WPI should be able to stand up and shout the truth from the rooftops with no regards to reprisals.

    It's the same thing as far as aspartame is concerned. The medical community knows it's poison, the government knows it's poison and yet companies are still allowed to use it and poison us and our children with it. This has become a very sick minded society, thanks to these corporations who have taken us over and THEIR REPRESENTATIVES IN CONGRESS.
  4. jasminetee

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    Hi Maxtout,

    Yes, this situation in the U.S. upsets me a great deal. I've found from studying history that this is the way it's always been though. It has to do with human nature and I've decided there's no point in getting too worked up about that even though I still do sometimes.

    What blew me away last week is that right after people posted on here that the WPI could never mention vaccines they put out new videos where the WPI was saying that XMRV could have been transferred from vaccines~! That was cool. :) I'm delighted to see light being shone onto this subject and that they're not afraid to shine it.

    Funny you should mention Aspartame. I did a lot of research in the '80s on Aspartame in college and you wouldn't believe what I found. Well, actually YOU would. ;) I gave a debate speech about it in one of my classes and the teacher gave me a B stating that I did a great job but I was supposed to pick a controversial subject and EVERYONE knew that Aspartame is poisonous.

    I showed the grade and comment to some fellow classmates and they got up and challenged my grade saying that they consumed it all the time and never planned to again after my speech. The teacher asked for my paper and changed my grade to an A.

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  5. UsedtobePerkyTina

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    I doubt it is a conspiracy and they knew they were making use sick with vaccines. Of course, stranger things have happened.

    I think it is much simpler than that: greed, arrogance in ignorance.

    The greed is companies.
    Arrogance are the doctors, particularly those that work for the government
    And ignorance is all of them.

    Now, the cause from vaccines has not been proven with XMRV. But Mikovitz did say that if someone has the virus, and other genetic factors, the vaccine may turn the virus on causing Autism. Whittemore made sure to let it be known that this might be used to be smarter in giving vaccines, not stop giving vaccines.

    For those of us with CFS, the question is whether vaccines played a role. I just don't see it being passed to us with a vaccine, although a vaccine can be a trigger leading to illness if you have the virus. On another board, many said they got sick with CFS after getting hepatitis B vaccine.

    I had not had a vaccine for decades when I got sick. So if a vaccine had anything to do with it, then it was a childhood vaccine.


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