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    I am excited about the discovery of the XMRV virsus link to CFS and immune system issues. My daughter, age 34, has suffered with autoimmune issues since she was born (it seems to run in the family). Recently, her symptoms has escalated with sever vertigo, tremors, and violent vomiting. Doctor's are stumped at the underlying cause. She does not ever enter phase 4 sleep which means she can not get the needed rest. She has a seven year old son and tries to remain active for him. Her husband is extremely supportive as well as the rest of the family. I am sending her the links to this site and hoping that perhaps she can find some much searched for answers for her condition. Thanks to the professionals who have taken CFS as a "real" medical diagnosis and not just a psychological issue. I hope this research leads to some relief for my daughter's symptoms and that it help her resume the lifestyle she wishes. Marie
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    Your post is important and I believe would be very important to the people on the ME/Chronic Fatigue Board here so how about placing a copy of it there. Thanks.