xmrv virus infectious, latent and antibody test??

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    Please with all the knowledge on this board tell me the difference? Vip is testing for the infectious and latent but not the antibody yet?

    Could someone explain in laymens term the difference of all three test?
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    Good question Hensue, I posted some definitions:

    INFECTIOUS: Date: 1542
    1 a : capable of causing infection <viruses and other infectious agents> b : communicable by infection <an infectious disease> — compare contagious
    2 : that corrupts or contaminates
    3 : spreading or capable of spreading rapidly to others

    LATENT: to lie hidden, to escape notice,
    Present and capable of becoming though not now visible, obvious, active, or symptomatic <a latent infection>
    Synonyms: dormant, quiescent, potential mean not now showing signs of activity or existence. Latent applies to a power or quality that has not yet come forth but may emerge and develop.

    ANTIBODY: Date: 1900
    Any of a large number of proteins of high molecular weight that are produced normally by specialized B cells after stimulation by an antigen and act specifically against the antigen in an immune response, that are produced abnormally by some cancer cells, and that typically consist of four subunits including two heavy chains and two light chains —called also immunoglobulin.


    Looking further into the well-known HIV antibody test, this article states:

    "What does the HIV Antibody test result mean?

    A healthy individual has no antibodies to HIV. However, a negative screening test means only that there is no evidence of disease at the time of the test. It is important for those who are at increased risk of HIV infection to have screening tests performed on a regular basis to check for possible exposure to the virus.

    If you test positive for HIV antibodies on both the ELISA and the Western Blot tests, you are considered to be infected with HIV. HIV cannot be cured, but early diagnosis allows for treatment that can help to suppress levels of virus in your body (viral load) and slow progression of the disease."


    Here are some links which may or may not help us understand these terms better in relation to a virus:





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    After all if we all had great immune systems then we wouldn't be sick. Pathogens come in 3 flavors: viral, bacterial and fungal. In order to get rid of all 3, we need to find the right antibiotic, the right anti-fungal and the right antiviral.

    Since most of us have latent infections with high IgG titers, the IDSA idiots don't consider us to have active infections at all. For that, they look for high IgM titers. Many people have high IgG titers but I am just not convinced that ours mean nothing which is what they've said for years. Well something sure screwed up my immune system! I believe it was bacteria from the Borrelia species.