XMRV was made in the lab when putting Prostate Cancer in a Monkey

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    There have been what was thought to be 'false positives' in lab worker for years.
    Now the CDC is very concerned. 2.5 million has been awarded to Blood Systems
    to study XMRV, MLV's and other viruses in our nation's blood supple and come
    up with PCR testing. It's $500,000 a year for 5 years.

    So, the CDC and the NIH now know we have it. No denying it. And what
    are they going to do now...for us?

    For more about this go to Phoenix Rising. Other ME/CFS sites probably have
    it also. I get my info from a friend with CFS.

    Can the UK deny this much longer????

    Changed the title to read more correctly. Victoria said it so aptly. A quote from
    Jurassic Park. Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should. What
    else have labs 'created'. Weaponized mycos for others.
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    This is the first recognition by the CDC, that I am aware of. And the first monies
    awarded for testing.

    There isn't a country on earth that isn't going to have to fall inline, it's all a matter
    of time.

    XMRV is the new HIV. And there are more lab errors that just XMRV. There are
    the MLV's too.

    Ok, an edit. Some of the researchers still don't think CFS is infectious.
    They just want a test to make sure "they haven't been infected". Weird
    as usual.
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    Ity Bump.


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