XMRV - What non-Rx stuff will kill it off?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by AllWXRider, Oct 8, 2009.

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    I've been searching the web, but can't find much. If its like Aids, then it's hard to kill.

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    so in HIV and aids its co infecting virus's that are a big problem.
    Perhaps thats the difference between people who get better from mono and those who don't for eg. if you have xmrv and you get mono or visa versa then you come down full scale with both as in aids and hiv co infections?????

    we know that there are herpes virus's of varying types found and according to the full article these are questioned to be activated due to an underlying immune deficiency. and natural killer deficiency

    so there are herbs out there to treat the co infecting entrovirus's and virus's

    they are looking at drugs already used to treat the immune system in cancer and i believe they are being tested in canada so my brain fogged head seems to remember us discussing

    the link to prostate cancer is interesting also what drugs do they use to treat that and what natural drugs can we find that may be of interest for further research???

    i find that Echinacea helps me tremendously but others may disagree. we may have an over alert innate immune system so this needs further investigation also. However my herbalist keeps on prescribing Echinacea for me although you have to stop it a while every so many weeks.

    Many people suffer from heart weakness of the muscle as well as possible infection as has been shown in autopsy by dr lerner. so hawthorn is good for strengthening the heart and therefore the body as this is the most important organ

    green tea is meant to be very good at stopping cells turning cancerous so i drink that regularly in the hope....

    There are many clever foods that can support the immune system so thats worth investigating.

    i've had good results from Prof K d M's research test foods to cut out that push that awful gas up in your body. Wheat wine eggs dairy. If anyone could bump that post that would be useful

    how do the two fit together??? is it again the co infecting factor as in hiv and aids??? which comes first the xmrv or the entrovirus's??

    i follow dr myhills protocol and then add the herbalists tinctures to support the body and with the herbs treat the viral infection

    melissa - is very good anti viral and you can grow it easily for teas

    just my initial thoughts and a couple of things that help me.

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