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    What is XMRV? Are the symptoms similar to Fibro? Are people finding out Fibro does not exist but XMRV does? I hate to sound stupid but I have seen very little about XMRV except on this cite. Please clue me in.

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    XMRV is a retrovirus that a study published in October shows up in a high percentage of people with CFs and a very small percentage of healthy people. In family members of people with CFS, the virus showed up at a higher rate in those who have fibromyalgia.

    As to how this will change the labels of these illnesses is not clear yet.

    Right now, other scientists are working to find a test that will be approved by the FDA, and therefore covered by insurance.

    And everyone is waiting now to see if other research labs validate the results.

    For more information, go to the Whittemor-Peterson Institute.

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    Thanks so much for giving me a quick update. I suffer from CFS Fibromyalgia, anxiety, but the worse issue is interstitial cystitis. I have filed for disablility and denied 2Xs. I am 40, I have a graduate degree and would love to work. I can't - I use the restroom about every 10 min. Sometimes I am in there for 15 mins. I am on pain meds - not by choice.

    I guess I just have not taken time to research the XMRV virus.

    Thanks again.

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