Xray results have been sent to disability but they scare me

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    I had to have my knees x-rays for my disability claim. I have been telling them that they HURT alot so finally I know why they hurt so badly. But the results scare me as I really don't understand them. How I wish that doctors would write in english for non -medical people.Because the papers I have here I don't under stand what it is that I have and how or what it is going to do to me in the long term.

    So here are the results:

    Right Knee: Two views of the rt knee demonstrate end-stage osteoarthritis most severely affecting the medial and patelleofemoral joint compartmment. There are multiple intra-articular loose bodies identiftied. No destructive process.

    End-stage osteoarthritis with intra-articular loose bodies.

    This sounds scary and like there is something really wrong with my knee. It sounds like my knee is falling apart but I don't get the no destructive process , just waht does that mean?

    Left Knee findings:

    Frontal and lateral views of the left knee demonstrate end-stage osteoarthritis. The most significant affected compartments are the medial and patellofemoral compartments. Small joint effusionis present. Large osteophytosis is seen through out. Appears to be a intra-articular loose body at the posterior joint.

    Endstage osteoarthritis with intra-articular loose bodies at the posterior joint.

    From what I have been reading I have some really bad knees and I really need to have knee replacements asap. I also have alot of loose matter floating around in my joint fluids and that they could get stuck and make my knees lock up .

    I think that some where it said that I have bone spurs and lots of bone chips , cartlidge that is in the senovial fluid.

    Do you know how scared I was when I read those words.

    ENDSTAGE OSTEOARTHITIS. I have thought that any thing that is called endstage is not a good thing. It sounds like my knee's are in the worst condition possiable.

    I have heard of End stage cancer, or kidney failure but I have not ever heard of end stage oseoarthritis. If it was cancer I would be dying.. If I am right.

    But then I read that there is no destructive process does that mean that it is not destructing and getting worse? It sounds like my knees are at the very worst condition they could be in and I am still ususing them. Yes I am on pain meds for the bad pain.

    I read some where that in osteoarthitis ansaids don't do much for the pain that is in my body. Steriods injections don't work as well. So that is a good reason not to have the painfull shots that don't help me any way.

    But what is endstage osteoarthritis? Are there other stages beinnining , middle and endstage? Or am I reading it reight that it is telling me that I am not ever going to heal up on my own or get better with out surgery? I want you to know that I am scared about this , Did they have to use the ENDSTAGE in the sentence? It sounds like I am fighting a loing battle. And I will not win ever.

    I am worried and scaredd that some thing really bad is going on inside my knee joints and that the only way that I will be able to get any pain relief is to have total knee replacements done in both knees.

    But since I have CMP , fibro, and other chronic pain issures I know that the CMP is going to make the healing worse for me. AS it will keep knotting up the tissues and I will be in a whoe ned word of PAIN.
    I am just worried and don't really understand what is going on with my and my knees.

    Since it starts out with the statement of ENDSTAGE Osterarithiits that I am at the last stage in the process and there is no way even with PT, loosing weight, I will not ever get better and I have the chance that I will get worse to the point where I will have to have 2 total knee replacements done in order to have less pain. Am I right?
    So does any one understand just who bad my knee;s really are?Can you tell me where to look up to find out just how bad this really is?

    Just so you know I am really worried that this is some thing really bad the connndition is in my knees. I am so scared and worried that I am up a creek with out a paddle. Things are not going to get better in both knees just worse. Right ?

    Starting to panic now, SCREAM! OH NO , I am falling apart and there is nothing that can be done to help my knee's? I am scared that I am up a creek with a paddle?

    Worried and scared,
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    Calm down now, it will be ok!

    No matter what is wrong with your knees, there are wonderful treatments for them now...

    Even Arnold Schwarzenegger has a bionic knee and loves it!

    My daughter had a serious knee problem, they operated, scraped out all the junk, realigned it, and afterwards gave her injections to re-liquify it and she says it is just fine now.

    If they are willing to either give you new knees or fix the ones you have, I'd say that's a really good deal, so don't worry yourself sick over it, ok? You'll get thru it, heal up (maybe more slowly or with more FM pain than usual), and you'll probably be so relieved when its all over.

    Thinking of you...

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    My neighbor has severe osteoarthritis. She's in her 70's & had a knee replaced 25 years ago. It's doing better than her other knee she didn't have fixed!

    From your info it sounds like you need both knees replaced. I'm no doc. In order for you to understand the report you need to sit down with your doc & talk with him about this.

    Once they do a replacement they usually require you to go thru seveal weeks (3-4 days a week, generally an hour or so each day) of PT to build the muscles up again. Usually the surgery/PT allows you to return to normal with no pain or allot less pain than before.

    I also know someone who had both knees done & she's in her early 50's. She suffered for years in pain. She had to use canes & a walker to get around. She finally had surgery & was so glad she had it done. She is now able to get around normal & is pain free.

    Here's some info from WebMD:


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