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    Wanted to respond to you separetly since you took the time to type soo much.

    Looks like you've been hit hard. And with the diabeties on top of it for both you and your husband.

    That's hard.

    Try to enjoy those grand babies of yours, i have awhile to go, my oldest just turned 13!!

    He said to my the other day, "mom, i can't believe i'm a teenager!"

    I'm thinking, your telling me, kid!!! I can't believe it either!

    I struggle with the Chronic fatigue symptoms, i have very little tolerance for activity. But my pain has increased the last two years, and i'm sure hoping it's not fibro. I do have the tender points in my upper half, but not lower.

    Lots of times my hands, and feet burn.

    I was in remission for about 5 years, and forgot what it was like to be so sick, in fact i thought i was better.

    And that's why i pushed so hard, and ignored the warning " signs" just contributed it to being older.

    I would sub in the school kitchen, and come home and be in bed for the rest of the day.

    Well i hope you get the sleep your missing, i was having a really hard time to sleep, and getting really bad, and depressed.
    I asked my hubby to sleep in a different room for awhile.
    And my sleep has improved greatly, and my pain has gone done some.
    Isn't that an awfull solution! But it does help, and i've actually been more up to things for him. "in the mood".

    So i guess it dose have it's pay off.

    Best of wishes to you, and your family,

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