xyrem are you on it? does it work?

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    I have read somewhere we might have a study released in october about this drug. Or did i dream it. I dont dream so i must have read it. Some places i read it really helps
    give me all the insight you have about it. I read this drug you use to could get at health food store. What?
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    I will try one more time to bump this for a response. I guess none of our members have a answer....
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    Havent used xrem, but from what i have read it induces stage 4 sleep which is what we are lacking. Avanza is one medication that is suppose to induce stage 4 deep sleep. From personal experience it works well but has a hangover effect and taken regulary it loses its effect on sleep.
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    and at one time it WAS available at health food stores.

    Since it did in fact induce deep sleep, it was abused became known as the "date-rape drug".

    As a severe and exhausted insomniac I was excited about the possibility of this drug helping me to get restorative sleep. I finally was able to try it a couple years ago. It did put me to sleep, but I still didn't get very MUCH sleep on it, and I felt no better in the daytime, so I gave it up. It is also prohibitively expensive and insurance is unlikely to cover it unless you have narcolepsy.

    But I understand and believe that it has been life-changing for some (especially narcoleptics).

    (it's pretty amazing to think it used to be over-the-counter....now it is a HIGHLY restricted drug!)