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  1. simonedb

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    for those that are chemically sensitive, does this tend to be one of those hard to tolerate meds? can you easily break it into smaller dose?
  2. simonedb

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    anyone know if its hard for mcs people to take?
  3. Iam1ShadyLady

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    what doctors you can get to prescribe it. My mental health dr said it has restricted use in the US.

  4. simonedb

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    I did a brief search and the good news is it doesnt hit on a lot of the p450 cytochromes (hope I am sayig that right) meaning that it shouldnt be too hard to detox
  5. sleepyinlalaland

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    Xyrem is a liquid and not a tablet, so it can easily be "broken up".

    It is very tricky to take and usually takes some getting used to. I took it for awhile and it was not helpful for me. I DID get some sleep, but not enough and still felt no improvement in daytime. I do believe those who say it has been positively life-changing for them; but individual reactions vary greatly.

    I think most doctors would NOT prescribe Xyrem. It is mostly prescribed for narcolepsy and for severe narcoleptics I'm sure it is hugely helpful. I was prescribed Xyrem by a Fibro and Fatigue Center...I went there SPECIFICALLY with this one request. I think your best bet for trying this would be through a sleep specialist and not a regular doctor.

    NOTE: I saw several sleep docs since my trial experience and they all were disapproving of Xyrem (and most had never heard of it!)...I just chalk that up to the naturally conservative nature of most doctors and I would not dissuade others from trying it if you have the chance.
  6. simonedb

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    thx for sharing but could you say more about how it was tricky to take?
  7. kellyann

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    It didn't work fo me and now I have a big box of the stuff, and it ended up costing me $500.00!
    Guess I need to give it another try! Except it makes me sleepwalk so bad. So does Ambien, Lunesta etc....it's not fun waking up falling down in your kitchen, it hurts!
    Take Care!