Xyrem -- Week 4

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Juloo, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    Titration still under way. I thought when I first read that this can take a couple of months that that was way off the deep end, but no, they were right!

    I'm on 8 mL, twice a night. Or, I was.

    I still was not sleeping very long -- the 8 mL brought me 7 1/2 hours at most. And though this is good, it left me feeling like I wasn't quite 'done' sleeping, but I couldn't drift off again.

    I have permission to try all the way up to 9.

    As I recently drove up to the FFC in Atlanta, I thought I'd go ahead and increase it then. But the night before my appointment, my son had a stomach ache, so I didn't take anything. I didn't want him not to be able to wake me if he was sick.

    The second night (before we drove home), I decided to go for 9. The first dose was fine. I even woke up spontaneously in the early morning, but it was too early to take the second dose. Unfortunately, I missed the alarm I set, so I didn't take the second. I woke around 5 and tossed and turned until I got up.

    Finally home, I told my husband that I was having trouble waking for the second dose, and that he should poke me. Well, neither of us heard the alarm, so I didn't take the second dose until 4, but I really needed the sleep. I slept until 8 a.m.!

    Okay, so maybe I've discovered my weekend dose.

    Tonight I'll go back to 8.5 and see if that's better.

    I wonder if some people have to take one dose (like 8) for the first, then take a higher dose (like 9) for the second. I think I'll call the pharmacy and ask. That might work for me.

    Good sleep is definitely within reach now!
  2. abbylee

    abbylee New Member

    I've been taking Xyrem for 2 years and was telling someone the other day that I still felt "sleepy" the next morning and she says that she "pre-sleeps."

    She says that she goes to sleep without any Xyrem and when she wakes up, she takes the first dose then 2 1/2 to 4 hours later she takes the second dose.

    I don't know if a doctor told her to do that or if she does it because she feels that she sleeps better that way. I've not tried it yet, but might if I feel that I need to.

    abbylee PS I sleep longer on my second dose than on the first.

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