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  1. I was watching it and saw William writing a note that said "my wife.... then the darn I missed it until the end where he died. What did he tell the cop lady ? Did he tell her she was the guilty one with the cream?

    I sure wish he had lived, I liked them two together. Darn I keep saying I am not going to watch it.lol!!
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    he said..."my Wife"......"I love my Wife"
    it is too bad that he died...but I hope that one day Gloria will get what she deserves....but now with Williams estate being settled..she is a very rich widow...that sucks!! I dispise Gloria.

    Love to all, Ann
  3. Thanks gals. I was really suprised when he died. After going to the hospital and then sending him home. I love Gloria, but she is always in some sort of trouble, so are her sons. I have watched it from the beginning. Like I said I always say I am not watching soaps, but love Y & R and also General Hospital.

    By the way I love your pictures in your profile.