Ya Gotta love our Docs, buncha winners

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by achingbytch, Feb 26, 2007.

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    I so I go family doc, treating me 2 years, referred me to rheum, has a confirmed diagnosis of FM. 10 days ago I spent $80 in cab fare to go to office with drafted letter (we're told docs are too busy to write their own letters, so draft for them.) I spend 2 days carefully writing, with correct medical terms, explaning what FM is, how it effects patient, particularly as it pertains to my writing work; cognitive ability is critical.

    Letter still hasn't arrived 11 days later so Monday am I insisted it be faxed; I'll use the original as backup.

    His letter is barely a paragraph that says he's my doc, treating me for FM-A NEUROLOGICAL CONDITION- "which makes it hard for me to work long days" and his 'recommendation' is that my work hours and work load be reduced to prevent futher acceleration.

    He told me he writes for a truck load of patients in banks, corporations etc and chuckled when glancing at the 3 pager I handed him.

    This was onlyl meant for accomodation, not disability...it just sounds so uninterested and form letterish....I guess I have to do the explanation presentation for the monsters myself, this docs letter won't satisfy them.
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    Like you I would write a novel about how crummy I feel.

    My doctor is also the local Medical Examiner. That means if you claim you are disabled the State or SS sends you to him.

    When SS sent him a form to fill out, he answered all of the questions. (He tells me he has so many of them that he does it at home in the evenings while watching TV.)

    His comment section read something like this: "He wants to work. Can't. I will not release him." 10 words.

    At the end of 90 days I got disability.

    He was right on. I want to work. Can't.
  3. achingbytch

    achingbytch New Member

    I needed to laugh, thank you.
    your situation sounds like the fox guarding the hen house.
    there seems to be no system, everything is different, everywhere.
    the only solution is finding a lawyer and giving the lawyer as much of the medical paperwork as possible.
    like everything else, its a mess
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    Ok I hadnt even read your post and I knew that you were from either Boston or NY right off the bat from reading the title! But the $80 cab fare screms NY! (been there like a dozen times)

    You sound way too much like me when you rant! Thats probably why I always hear that I sound like I come from Boston AND New York. The accent is wicked bad and I put vowels on the end of everything especially when im complaining.

    Anywho... Im always complaining about whole big group of pathetic trainwrecks that I call my doctors. (alot of them, but not all) They all seem to love to "punt the ball" off to one another when it comes to medical matters. Is it just me or are THEY the medical professionals!

    Before I went in for a surgery, my primary care doctor wrote a recommendation letter stating I was a 23 (I was 25) year old female whos primary compliants were her back (um no try my whole body and he's known this since about 2000!) and edema (think he got me mixed up with my grandmother..got RLS though doc!). Im surprised he didnt write that I was male!!!

    Gimmie a break!
    Get out while you can...

  5. achingbytch

    achingbytch New Member

    so, uh, i sound like a new yawka do i?
    actually the cab fare wasn't in the city, it was outer boroughs...long boring story involving ex isolating me from everyone, even my docs.

    one of the wisest things told to me here, i can't remember who said it, was to check the difference between SS earnings at full retirement age and if i took disability now. its a couple of hundred dollars. even if it was a couple of thousand, there's no chance of me staying in the race for another 13 years.

    my one concern now is critical:

    a)do I disclose before bosses make any moves because i've been sick or do i keep quiet and hold off until i have everything in order and see a lawyer, that could take a few weeks.

    b)i'm not sure what the legal issues are if i withhold disclosing chronic illnesses while knowing this is what's holding me back, facing the possibility of a productivity warning presented against me formally, it doesnt seem right to claim this retroactively...i've never had a problem in this way.

    i'm concerned because they 'restructured' in july and i think i smell something cooking again...they'r legally entitled to restructure until their blue in the face, but would ahve to find something else if my position no longer exists.

    Instinct tells me go on the offensive ASAP, but instinct is not LAW and isnt always common sense.

    any experienced thoughts on these 2 questions would be very appreciated.

    thank you all

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