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    Bestselling author Rebecca Wells offers a new book, a website, and a poignant account of her life with Lyme disease....


    excerpt from last site:
    'Her latest book... does not involve Lyme disease, (but) it tells the story of a resilient young woman who overcomes serious obstacles. The healing power of love is a major theme, echoed in the Lyme article on her website:

    "I'm trying to take everything one day at a time. To wake up every day and play the hand I've been dealt as best I can. I'm discovering what we all have to learn eventually: that attitude, not external circumstances, is what determines happiness. Happiness does not depend on having a healthy body. It has to do with taming the mind, with learning to accept each moment. Prayer, meditation, healing imagery, and kindness sustain me. The ever-constant love of my husband holds me up, as well as the knowledge that there is a divine presence much larger than myself who loves me unconditionally." '

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