Yeah! I found a great doc that is head of FMS @ major hospital!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by PainSux, Feb 23, 2006.

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    I met a wonderful doc today that is on the Good Doctors list for my area & he's head of the fibromyalgia clinic @ a local major hospital. He confirmed that I have fibromyalgia but he does not feel that I have chronic fatigue, easy for him to say! He's having them call me w/in a couple of weeks to set up w/them. I think he said they work on doing biofeedback vs. medication which would be really nice. He also gave me information that I have to read still. I am just so happy! He's going to be my PCP also as he's an Internist & Rheumatologist. Yeah!

    Also, he plans on putting me on a holter monitor for 24 hours next week & I thought that he said it was for some type of nerve thing but I understand that it's checking for cardiac issues which I do not have. I have never had an abnormal EKG except for bradycardia...slow heart rate. Anyone know why he'd want a holter monitor besides cardiac reasons?
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    Hi Painsux,
    I love your name...and your pix.
    Congrats in finding a good doc. That is so important.
    I, too, live in So. CA.
    Would you mind sharing his name?

    I don't know about a holter monitor. did he check your heart?
    The good thing about having an internist, is they keep track of all your physical that is such a bonus.

    Good luck
  3. PainSux

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    He's on our Good Doctors list too. In Beverly Hills w/parking available under the building.
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    I'm so glad that you found a great doc knowledgeable about fibro!!

    If you have had bradycardia before, that is why he is doing a holter monitor probably. Since you will be a new patient, he just wants to check all bases and make sure you're not have any more spells of bradycardia--it can cause severe fatigue, etc. - and can be dangerous. (I also had spells of bradycardia, and other issues, before I had my pacemaker put in.)

    Keep us posted as to what he is doing for you!

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    The monitor , since you will be wearing it for 24 hrs., while you go about your normal day.. It will pick up more than, a 5 min. EKG, would. A stress test, is even better, which he might order ,if you have an abnormal reading.

    But, it is prob. just routine, and he would prob. decide against giving you any meds ,that might slow your heart down......if you still have bradycardia.......Is it below 60 beats a min., occ. or all of the time???

    Be glad, that he is being thorough( prob. m.s.)........
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    I am really happy for you!!!! Sounds like this doctor is a winner. He must be on staff at Cedar Sinai.

    I am also in S. CA - if I ever decide to try another doctor, I will save his name. I have actually heard of him before.
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    I am very happy to have found someone like this that can also be my PCP as well as my Rheumy doc. You have to have PPO insurance though & now that I live in California I wouldn't have it any other way. I've had HMO's my entire life w/o any problem until I came to California. It's awful here. So, it's PPO all the way now.

    He also has his own web site that is his name w/the dr in front of it & it's a com not an org at the end. :)
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    My heartrate is frequently in the low fifties while @ rest. I saw another doc on Friday that I made the appointment to see in the first week in January & the soonest they had was MAY 31ST!!!! So, I was more than happy to jump when her assistant called w/a cancellation. She's THE doc for IBS associated w/FMS. She's getting me scheduled for a colonoscopy. She had said that the holter was something to do w/I think the nervous system, but I didn't retain it as there was so much I did during the visit. I'll ask the nurse tomorrow when she hooks me up. The doc for IBS literally is the first one that comes up when you type irritable bowel syndrome into the google search engine.