Yeah!! I got remanded back at the Federal level

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    After 3 1/2 yrs. and on the second claim I finally got approved July 09. My first claim was picked to be taken to the federal level by a wonderful attorney in early 09. She called me last week and my case was reversed and remanded back and goes to the appeals council now. She said we will hear something in about a month...they will either grant me my approval or remand me back to have another hearing. Worst case senerior if I have to go through another hearing the wait would only be about six months as federal cases have priority. She said also the judge might would grant approval without a hearing..that is what happened with my second claim.

    The first claim is where all my back pay is, plus the SSD check I'm getting is smaller than I should be getting because they docked me the five years I hadn't worked because my second claim put my disability date Sept. 08 when it was really Feb. 04.

    I'm praying for a favorable outcome, my husband of 32 years walked out on me March 09 and is divorcing me so the backpay would really come in at a good time. We're going to court Feb. 2nd fighting over the house. Our house is paid for, thank goodness, and he is trying to force me to buy him out which I can't do or sell which would mean I won't have a place to live. Sweet man isn't he!! My attorney keeps telling me I will get the house without having to buy him out because I'm on SSD, lord I hope he's correct.


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