Year old find on CFIDS/FIBRO

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    I posted this in 2004 on this site. Has anyone heard anything further on this study?

    New Clues to CFS 07/16/04 11:43 PM

    New Clues on Chronic Fatigue

    Researchers in France have found a probable cause for
    two painful; conditions
    that have long puzzled medical science.

    They discovered traces of a virus in skeletal
    muscles of people with chronic
    fatigue syndrome and Fibromyalgia-but none in
    healthy volunteers.

    The virus, known as entero-virus, also turned up in
    people with inflammatory
    muscle diseases, says Fatima Douche Aourik of the
    medical school at the
    University Hospital Center in Saint-Etienne.

    The researchers believe a persistent infection
    caused by the virus may
    explain these conditions, according to their report
    in Vol. 71, Issue 4 of the
    Journal of Medical Virology.

    I read this in AARP newsletter a couple of months ago.
    Has anyone heard anything further on this?
    It gives me hope.............Susan

    (Note a couple months ago was in 2004, old posting repeated here)
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    bumping interesting story, I am keen to see futher comments on this.

    Thanks for the story and regards
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    They have been doing studies in Australia both MD's and Natural Therapist are involved in Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut oil in is a natural antibiotic anti fungal the study showed that it helps the immune system to rid itself of infection /candida worms lice it can be used topically for rashes /shingles sirosis etc a very safe skin moisturiser use it for cooking and for those with Thiriod CFS FM Arthritis etc it is taken by mouth either disolved in warm water or taken directly off a spoon. For three years I have dragged my butt around boardering on depression and I had put on 65 lbs thanks to modern medicine so I was keen to read as much as I could I spoke with my MD who is also a natural therapist and my natural therapist (i find by having both I get all the information and have free choice with my treatment. Since starting the cocnut oil regime I have lost 35lbs have been able to achieve more than I have in the last few years and I have been having broken sleep feeding a baby lamb whose mother rejected her. We had another 2 years ago and I was of no help to my husband at that time. There is so much info out there and so many different products my husband my greatest asset has helped me research - my problem is that I am photosynthetic to modern medicine and they attack the immune system so no more of that stuff for me but I have found the Coconut oil has trully helped and its great to cook with it is a Mid Chain fat so very good for you - Something my MD said was well it makes sense China doesn't use any other oils or butter and they do not have the immune system breakdowns that we have in Western Worlds When my husband comes in to night I will get him to help search the French studies Good Luck I'll let you know if we find something
  4. laura81655

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    is sometimes found in muscle biopsy in FM, suggesting the prescence of a pesistence infection. I wonder how many people with FM here have had a muscle biopsy?
  5. Dalphia

    Dalphia New Member

    Read your post and find it very interesting. I am interested in knowing how to go about purchasing this Coconut how long have you been taking this????? Sounds like it is really helping you.


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