Years of Post-Traumatic Stress, Effects on Mind/Body

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MonteCar, Jun 26, 2003.

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    I've had my share of getting involved with a number of individuals (bullys) over the years and I unfortunately had friendships with these individuals until I lost my health quite some time ago and then eventually I sent them all packing though it was very difficult situations. I'm just wanting to let you all know of the effects that it will do to your operating system. First off, if you are uncertain about a person who has a anger problem, obsessive and controlling flee from them as soon as you can, if you are as nice and good looking as I am they'll try anything they can to pull wool over your eyes. I've seen beautiful relationships with people of the opposite sex die before my eyes thanks to these people, jealousy, and its a nightmare for your memory. I don't know if chronic depression could be the total outcome of this damage, but lots of emotional trauma that could lead to CFIDS may be the end result like I speak of. I have trouble with my "real" emotion and feelings thanks to years and years of b.s., pretty much all for nothing, shame. I'm still these days asking myself why these people will destroy you all for them to have nothing today. I know that I'm definitely due for mourning and some mind cleansing thoughts, just time will tell if I can turn the tide on the CFIDS symptoms that I have, I think I just about have the answers for what I've been feeling for quite some time now. Lastly I just want to say if you know someone who is jealous and is costly to your health, be true to yourself and get away from them like they were a spreading disease.

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    I have often thought the same thing myself, too bad we din't learn these lessons early in life, chronic shame is terrible, and it does do horrible things for our memories.
    Not a pretty sight to look back on.