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    I am still battling my yeast infection. Two courses of Terazol-7, a course of Monistat, and a bunch of Diflucan have not helped. (Actually, the infection did die down when I was on Diflucan for a whole month, but after it came back the Diflucan seems not be very or at all effective.)

    Last week I tried a combination of ampothericin B (in vaseline and coconut oil), probiotics (suppositories). Apparently no response.

    Now I think I'm going to try alternating goldenseal suppositories and boric acid capsules. Maybe tea tree oil suppositories. (Or pau d'arco? I don't know if that's appropriate for this use or not; I'd have to mix it with vaseline.)

    I'm also working hard on getting rid of yeast with through diet and oral supplements, although I don't know if those will fix this problem.

    Thank you for those of you who gave suggestions when I posted this a couple of weeks ago. I'm very appreciative of that.

    (I tried the suggestion of consuming coconut oil orally, but I have a coconut allergy and it seems that includes the oil. Ah well.)

    I'm getting increasing desperate and depressed (alternatingly) about this. If anyone has suggestions, please let me know.

    I would like to request that people not go into symptoms or even the "name" of the problem at this time. I would like for this thread to remain up, since I really need the advice.

    I've done my best to contribute everything that I know about this illness to the board, and this is the one issue I've called out to help for. I thus hope that members of the board are kind enough to allow me to get the answers I need from other people who have experienced the problem.

    Thanks much for your help!
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    Has your doc sent a swap out for a culture? Typically it takes about 2 weeks for a yeast culture to come back. Then they know specifically how to treat it. Please request this from your gyn or whomever is treating you.

    Vaseline is really not the best to use in your vaginal area, since it is not water soluable. You may want to try using Aquaphor instead. It has a consistancy much like vaseline, is water soluable & is very soothing. Or you could use Aloe Vera gel, it is also very soothing.

    Though neither the Aloe Vera or Aquaphor will contribute to curing a yeast infection - they will help symptomatically. If your gyn has treated you & doesn't offer the yeast culture, then it is time to find someone who specializes in women's health. Best of Luck! Keep us posted.

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    Hi, I think I remember your post. I read it w/ great interest, and replied and checked back, and even tried searching for it and it was gone. Can't imagine why a thread like that would disappear, I thought you had deleted it, but you obviously didn't.

    If it was the same one, you'd researched and thought your yeast strain was probably candida gabrata. I researched on it and it seems to fit me too.

    I think you were going to try the AZO yeast. Several people w/ bad problems had gotten relief only after using it. Have you tried it yet?

    I see treating it vaginally isn't yielding miuch result yet. I'd advise against using petroleum gelly too, its petrolium after all and doesn't breathe, that could be adding to things. I find aloe vera gel is indispensible now. I use it as a lubricant for inserting probiotics, but its also a quick fix to get yeast way down immediately.

    It actually does have some antifungal benefits, both orally or vaginally. But it also quells the itch on contact, and if you put some on your finger and insert it and work it around (the old fashioned way, before there were applicators) it quickly dislodges yeast from vaginal walls. I repeat this action several times when I need quick relief from all the cramping, bloating and often back pain and tailbone swelling I get from these insidious infections. Not a cure, but short term relief is better than none and thisis the quickest way to get the numbers down.


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    These are extremely helpful responses with lots of ideas for me to explore. Thank you!

    I didn't think about the idea of the vaseline not letting the area "breathe"---I should have asked you about mixing agents before going ahead. It's actually a little encouraging that the vaseline might be a problem, since it's something that I can just not use in the future. The infection seems worse now than it did 10 days or so ago, which was getting me pretty down. Believing that maybe the vaseline is why it got worse makes me feel much more optimistic. It's when I start to run out of options that the desperation hits.

    Do you think that coconut oil is bad or good (since it contains oil too)? Or is it good when used on its own but bad when mixed with other things? I also could be having a reaction to it--since I'm allergic to eating coconut. All things considered (including these new ideas) perhaps I should save this one for the future?

    Gyn actually gave me a tube of Nystatin cream at the very beginning, along with the first Terazol-7 dose. It was supposed to be used externally only. It itched a lot, so I put it aside. Now I'm thinking maybe the itching was _good_, like a die-off response. (Gyn didn't tell me that. Also didn't say it could be used internally.) So that's something to think about using too. Nystatin has had a huge effect some of the time when I've taken it orally (although I think there are some strains it doesn't kill), and so it's conceivable that might work.

    Dairy allergy, so yogurt probably isn't a good idea. At least not eating it. Maybe applying it locally?

    Gyn looked at specimen under microscope twice and said he saw yeast, no bacteria. He did send a culture in at one point, but I think it was to test for other infections besides the yeast or gardinella (bacteria). He said they would call if they found anything, and I didn't get a call. Could a lab yeast test identify the strain of yeast? Or would it do something else to figure out the proper treatment?

    Aloe vera, that's an idea. I used to have a bottle of the liquid and think that drinking a bit of it from time to time did indeed make me feel better. I thought it was maybe just soothing for leaky gut at the time (and perhaps very mildly effective on yeast) and so it's interesting that you've had a good experience with it for yeast. I will definitely try it again, certainly as a "mixing agent" and in liquid form too. Even if it's just short-term relief, that would be great..

    KY jelly sounds good as a mixing agent. I don't know what Aquaphor is, but I will Google it.

    The candida glabrata is less intensely uncomfortable than candida albicans but vastly harder to get rid of, I've read. There are a few other strains of yeast too, but my symptoms did sound a lot like glabrata to me.

    I bought the AZO and have been taking it 3x per day. I may have defeated the benefits with the petroleum jelly though. I will remain on it and hope for the best.

    The last thread was considered to be too "personal." I don't know what that means, but I will let you know if I find out. I think I remember all the treatments that were mentioned, but I wish I could go back and look word for word. Hopefully this one will stay up.

    I'm going to my CFS doctor on Wednesday. Sometimes he has magic answers, sometimes not. (He did cure immediately a parasite infection---b. hominis---that I had had for years and that three other decent doctors had totally failed at killing off, for instance. Yodoxin was the solution, in the event that you ever need to know how to get rid of that one.) I will get has thoughts, see if he wants to do a culture, and ask him about various measures if he doesn't have one he's sure will work. Then I will report back and let you know what he said.

    Thank you for all of your new suggestions. I feel like I have some hope again.!

    Actually, there's never been a single problem like this as a result from CFS that I haven't eventually managed to resolve, and so I shouldn't lose faith so quickly. The problem for me with CFS is that new problems keep cropping up. I feel like I'm holding my body together with chewing gum and bobby pins, but I guess that's better than nothing.
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    One more thing you may want to consider is to boost your immune system. This has helped me with my candida battle. There is a transfer factor for candida that helps with that. It't sold on this site. Very expensive though, about $150.
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    Actually, yogurt applied locally sounds rather soothing today. I'm pretty sure only some brands have any appreciable amount of probiotics in them, though. Stonybrook Farms (plain) was the one I had always heard was good to eat. Apparently Buffalo works too. I'm going to have to go shopping.

    Wednesday I am talking to my doctor about the results of an immune panel (I think mostly viral) that I had done. I'll bring up the idea of a candida transfer factor with him. My limited experiences with transfer factor in the past have not been hits, but that doesn't mean that one might not work.

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    are u getting the viral panel done thru Guyer or Papernik?

    And what kind of tests? Regular blood tests or PCRs?

    Oh yeah, and I always got relief when I used plain old natural yoghurt topically. (maybe soak a tampon in yoghurt?)
    But I never had infections that lasted more than a couple of days.

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    Hi lisa can u buy the nystatin in the store..without precription? If so, what store..where? thanks I get this bout 5xs per yr.